Weird but funny animal photos that raise a lot of questions

Sometimes four-legged ones are still weirdos that it is simply impossible to look at without laughing. Overview of some weird but funny animal photos.

Their strange behaviour can raise many questions, but they still invariably remain cute and funny creatures and always cheer up. In this collection, we have collected for you the best photos of animals that seem very funny and mysterious at the same time.

Harry Potter and Dobby are not the same
©Social networks – Harry Potter and Dobby are not the same
I feel so comfortable dude
©Social networks – I feel so comfortable, dude
What's happening, mate?
©Social networks – What’s happening, mate?
Baby cat
©Social networks – Baby cat
 I saw a relative
©Social networks – I saw a relative
©Social networks – Disguised
The dog steals all attention
©Social networks – The dog steals all attention
Ninja cat
©Social networks – Ninja cat
Level 90 disguise
©Social networks – Level 90 disguise
Magic outside Hogwarts
©Social networks – Magic outside Hogwarts
Mom, well, I'll just bite once
©Social networks – “Mom, well, I’ll just bite once”
They obviously love to sit like this
© Social networks – They obviously love to sit like this.
The cat doesn't want to walk anymore
©Social networks – The cat doesn’t want to walk anymore

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