Ghana becomes Africa’s leading gold producer – (Here’s top 6)

South Africa is no longer the largest producer of gold on the African continent. The country has been dethroned by Ghana.

In recent years, production was 130 tons per year. In 2017, Ghana has caught up with South Africa through the help of two cumulative effects: on the one hand, the exploitation of two new mines, and on the other hand, the steady shortage of South African production.

Today with 158 tons, Ghana has become the largest producer on the continent, ahead of Sudan and South Africa. In this sector, exports should also benefit from the opening of the first gold refinery in the country, scheduled for mid-2019, says Coface.

The leading trio of gold production in Africa now consists of Ghana (1st), Sudan (2nd) and South Africa (3rd).

Mali, Guinea and Burkina Faso are respectively 4th, 5th and 6th according to the report of the World Bank.

Ghana becomes Africa's leading gold producer - (Here’s top 6)

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