Ghosn is not allowed to attend Nissan’s board of directors

Former Nissan president Carlos Ghosn is not allowed to participate tomorrow in the board of directors of the Japanese car manufacturer, according to today’s court decision.

Although Ghosn was put in the door as chairman of Nissan in November, he remains a director until the general meeting of shareholders votes to sell him. The next shareholders’ meeting is scheduled for 8 April. Until then Ghosn can, in principle, attend the meetings of the Board of Directors.

“Ghosn could, with his presence, put pressure on Nissan employees to destroy evidence,” the local media report.

The conditions of the bail of the ex-CEO suspected of financial misconduct, however, impose on him to request permission from the court when he wants to come into contact with certain people. He also needed that for attending the board of directors.

According to his lawyer, Ghosn “as a director has the duty to take part in the board,” but the court rejected the question. Ghosn, with his presence, could exert pressure on Nissan employees to destroy evidence, says the reasoning.

Ghosn is not allowed to attend Nissan's board of directors

Meanwhile, Nissan announced that the board of directors of tomorrow’s meeting will also be attended by, among others, the new chairman of Renault, which is in an alliance with Nissan, Jean-Dominique Senard and Ghosn’s successor as Renault CEO Thierry Bolloré.


Ghosn is facing a prison sentence of up to fifteen years. He was detained for over a hundred days in a Japanese cell but was released on bail last week. In addition to paying 1 billion yen (almost 8 million euros), he has to stay in Tokyo for the time being. He has to hand in his passport and he will submit to extensive supervision. Ghosn also has no access to the internet and e-mail.

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