‘Gordibuena’ teacher suspended for her past Facebook posts

A teacher of mathematics was suspended after her students discovered and disseminated some old publications of her Facebook profile. Because the teacher had a dark past.

Annalisa Altariva, 33 years old, was exposed by her pupils of the Ninestiles School Academy, located in Birmingham, United Kingdom. Before working at the institution, she shared photos and messages in her social network that were quite high-pitched.

The publications that caused outrage among parent’s date from 2013. And in them the teacher, who was described by some students as gordibuena. Boasted of having huge breasts and touching people inappropriately.

In addition of mentioning that, she thought about se!x constantly. The teacher also published some spicy photos in which she wore erot!c costumes in very suggestive poses. She even expressed with pride that her greatest achievement was being chosen in high school as a promising ‘erot!c movie star’.


Thanks to the dissemination of her photographs and messages, the teacher was suspended by the school authorities. And moments later she deactivated her Facebook account.

This occurs just one month after the school sent a letter to the parents informing them that it would condition the students to remain silent. In the corridors of the institution; according to the administration. This rule would guarantee that students arrive to their classes calmly and ready to learn.

The parents expressed indignation because they consider that the new rule seems excessive. Considering that their staff is not chosen with the same rigor. And stressed that, although teachers have the right to a private life, they should moderate their attitudes in the network. Since they are a model to follow.

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