Guard refused cat in Japanese museum, she invites another cat

In Japan, they are local celebrities, the two cats who have been trying almost every day. Since mid-2016 to enter the city museum Onomichi in Hiroshima, to the hilarity of visitors. And slight annoyance of the guards, who have a day’s job to keep the animals outside to hold.

It all started on a sunny day in June 2016, when a black cat suddenly walked through the sliding doors of the Hiroshima Onomichi museum. Guards could barely stop the animal.

The next day the cat was back and she appeared to have taken a red-haired boyfriend. From that moment on, the cats tried to sneak in through the sliding doors responding to movement almost daily.

With patience, the guards try to keep the two cat friends out. The ‘black and red’ have meanwhile gained national fame and even have their own Twitter page. The cats have also received their own animated figures and the museum is selling a linen bag with the image of the black cat in her shop.

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