Guinea joins the most affected countries in West Africa

With new infections recorded on April 28 to 30th, 2020, Guinea has recorded a total of 1,351 positive cases since the start of the epidemic. And with this number, it joined the three of the most affected countries in the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

The National Health Security Agency (ANSS) of Guinea announced the registration of new positive cases of Coronavirus. And now, Guinea has registered 1,351 positive cases since the onset of the disease in the country.

As of April 28, Guinea now occupies third place in the list of countries in the ECOWAS countries, most affected by the pandemic.

Indeed, it is always Ghana which occupies the head with 2,074 cases, followed by Nigeria with 1,728 positive cases, and the Ivory Coast moves back of rank by finding itself in the fourth place with 1,238 cases.

Thus, the spread of the disease still remains on a dangerous slope in Guinea and the most worrying that, according to figures provided by the ANSS, “nearly 500 confirmed cases roam in the wild, thus refusing to submit to the protocol of treatment in a center”.

In addition, at the central house in Conakry, a positive case was detected on the bodies of three deceased detainees. And despite the gravity of the hour, the press reports show that the barrier measures to protect against the coronavirus pandemic are far from being respected in markets and other gathering places. Added to this is the lack of respect for social distancing in other markets where real promiscuity prevails.

However, In Guinea, the National Agency for Economic and Social Inclusion (ANIES) is hard at work as part of a campaign to disinfect the capital’s markets, intending to reduce the risks of the spread of the disease significantly.

The African Union Center for Disease Prevention and Control notes that as of April 30, 2020, Africa has 37,355 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, including 1,591 deaths. The most affected countries are South Africa, Egypt, and Morocco.

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