He robs pizza shop but prepares pizza for himself before fleeing

A man broke into a pizzeria in Fullerton, California, but could not likely resist tempting to make a meal in the kitchen during his robbery.

After a burglary in a Californian pizzeria, video surveillance showed that the thief had remained in the establishment for nearly two hours, to the point of having time to prepare a pizza there, reports the CBSN channel. The facts occurred Sunday, November 8, in Fullerton, near Los Angeles.

Local police shared the video on Instagram on Friday, making a mockery of the case. The thief was seen preparing a pizza dough but not putting it in the oven. “Maybe he was hungry,” commented the restaurant owner

, Rafael Calles, without, however, minimizing the seriousness of the facts.

Indeed, the criminal didn’t just steal a pizza, as he left with $500 in cash, bars, beer packs, and a delivery car from the restaurant. “In 17 years of business, this is the first time this has happened to us,” says Calles.

The thief arrested

Police announced that they had arrested the suspect on Wednesday, November 11, without disclosing his identity. Some stolen items, as well as the vehicle, were returned to the owner of the pizzeria. He had brought a weapon to the scene, which turned out to be fictitious. “Needless to say, jail doesn’t serve his favorite meal,” Fullerton police joked.

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