Heartwarming: homeless man and girl with Down syndrome sing duet

A heartwarming video in which a homeless man and a girl with Down syndrome sing a duet is massively shared on social media. The girl is normally very shy and quiet, but the encounter with this man brought up a hidden side in her.

The American Kimberly Phillips went on Saturday with her daughter, when they suddenly met a homeless man on the street. Phillips’ daughter, who has Down’s syndrome, spontaneously started talking to the man and even singing with him.

Her daughter is normally a shy girl who does not speak much, but with this man she clearly felt in her element. The mother was so impressed that she recorded the meeting on video and posted on her Facebook page, where she quickly gained more than one million views and there was a stream of positive and warm responses.

Phillips’ decided to trace the man again to share the nice reactions with him. He could not believe that so many people had watched the video and read the comments with a big smile on his face.

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