Here is what your phone ringtone says of you

Mobile phones have become full part of our lives. These customizable gadgets will now provide indicators of your personality.

Thus, the ringing of your phone allows you to distinguish yourself from others. There are several groups of people and which group do you belong to?

Religious people

Whether they are Christians or Muslims or Jews, their ringtones are religious music related to their beliefs. They say they belong wherever they are when they receive calls, or even messages.

Music fans

Whether rock, RnB, classical, etc.. these people only use ringtones in their musical register, or their favorite artist.

The unstable

These people change tones at least once a week. They adapt easily to the trend? They also do it with the feelings of whatever the music plays. They change the ringing of their phone on a whim, or according to their moods.

People who do not care

The key for these people is to be able to hear the phone ring and take their calls on time. No matter the notification music, everything suits them.

The comics

Comedians use funny sounds as a ringtone. This may be the sound of an animal, a suspicious sound or a cry, a joke, a person’s laughter, etc.

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