Hothead looks for a fight but collides with world champion in jiu-jitsu

Speaking of a fine example of self-defence: Alex Williams (16) made short work of the hothead who tried to attack him in the British village of Guisborough. The guy obviously didn’t know he was dealing with the youth jiu-jitsu world champion.

Williams was having lunch on a couch with a friend when a stranger suddenly approached him. The man threatened to “smash his head in” and “stab him in an alley”.

The teen did not feel intimidated. On the contrary: with one fluid movement, he laid his opponent on the ground. “The closer he got, the more opportunity I saw to defend myself,” Williams explains.

“Of course I was worried, maybe he had a knife in his pocket. In situations like this, it’s all about survival; luckily I was ready for him. I have already performed that movement at least a thousand times

during training, so it is firmly drilled into it.”

Six stitches

After the beating, however, the man didn’t seem to have enough. “I thought he was going to run away, but he clearly wanted another beating. However, I held back, my only goal was to defuse the situation.”

Williams later determined that the aggressive person had bitten a small piece out of his ear. “I was completely covered in blood. I got six stitches in the hospital.”

The video has since been viewed more than 1.3 million times. “Surreal. Hopefully, I can encourage other young people to take up martial arts as well. Then they can defend themselves at any time,” Williams concludes.

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