3 things that keep you from living a financially independent life

Do you want to become financially free(er) and lead a carefree life? Then stop with these three things that are holding you back from a financially independent life.

What exactly does being financially independent mean? That is different for everyone. The one already finds themselves financially free if they have no debts, the other only if they never have to worry about money again. Then some consider it a synonym of early retirement.

Become financially independent? Stop with these 3 things

Whatever financial independence or freedom means to you, these three things are now preventing you from achieving it.

Not having clear, concrete financial goals

If you don’t plan for a financially independent life, you won’t get there. It’s like this: if you don’t know when you’ll have an emergency fund or fuck off fund or when you can retire, you don’t know what deadline you have to meet your goal.

And if you have no idea how much money you should have in an emergency fund or how much money you need for a happy retirement, you don’t know when you’ve reached your goal. Not only that: you also know what you’re doing it for if you cancel a night in the pub.

Living according to your income

A high income does not necessarily make you richer. People will live according to what they earn. The more money most people make, the more they spend. Not only for a more expensive and larger house but also the latest gadgets.

The key to becoming financially independent is by doing the opposite: living more frugally than you could. Keep this up with every pay rise, and financial independence is suddenly not so unrealistic.

Giving in to FOMO

When you compare your life to others, the Fear Of Missing Out (aka FOMO) lurks. This indirectly prevents you from living a financially independent life.

Unfortunately, social media has made it even easier to do that. People often post on Instagram or another channel when they spend money, not when relaxing on the couch at home.

It is good to realize this if you are tempted to book a more luxurious holiday, buy new clothes or spend more money because you want to appear good to others.

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