How do McDonald’s burgers & fries look like after 24 years?

What happens if you leave a McDonald’s hamburger in a bag for more than 20 years? That is the premise of a video that was put on TikTok five days ago and has since garnered 3.9 million views and more than half a million likes.

After more than two decades, an American has pointed out the reasonably well-preserved condition of a McDonald’s meal left in a shoebox as part of an experiment. The viral video posted on August 27 on TikTok shows that the fries and the burger do not show signs of rot.

In an experiment, an American woman showed a well-preserved and intact McDonald’s menu after more than 20 years in a shoebox placed in a cupboard. The video posted on August 27 on TikTok is creating a buzz.

The video was put online by user @aly.sherb . In the comments, she says that the woman in the picture is her grandmother and that the science teacher kept the hamburger and chips as an experiment. In the video, the woman shows a shoebox with the label hamburger on it, which she keeps in her closet.

The footage shows fries and a hamburger in their original packaging, which the woman claims to have purchased in 1996.

“The fries look like they could have fallen under your seat about a month ago without molding or rotting,” she said, holding the small package of fries.

As for the hamburger, she says, “bread never molds, meat never rots”. “It’s completely intact,” she adds, opening the package and showing the burger inside.

Another experience

This is not the first time that such an experiment has been carried out. For example, a Canadian farmer in Ontario who bought a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries in 2012 found six years later that the food still looked utterly normal, Fox News reported.

Someone also posts a video in which such an experiment is done. Icelandic Hjörter Smárason bought a hamburger in 2009 just before the last McDonald’s branch in the country closed, and he too kept it instead of eating it. Six years later, it also turned out to be in seemingly perfect condition.

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