How do you prepare an online interview?

An online job interview is different from a classic job interview in the office and the same room. And at the same time, there are many similarities. These five basics are paramount in terms of preparation. During your interview, never ask what a company has to offer for you.

1. The preliminary investigation

The preparation is similar to a classic job interview. Investigate and take a look at the company’s website in question, check their social media profile and read the blog posts. Using the knowledge gained, try to jot down two or three keywords that make the business unique and use them to ask smart and targeted questions. This way, you immediately show that you know what you are talking about.

2. The questions

It is important to have a number of questions in mind that you can expect, but just as important is to think about which questions you want to ask. Never ask what a company has to offer for you, but inquire about things you came across during your research. This can be about the application process and the skills they find important, company culture or work regime, or environment.

3. The elevator pitch

You only get one chance to make a good first impression. Do this by thinking in advance about what the company should remember about you. Briefly state who you are, what you have done and would like to do. Avoid the clichés and dare to stand out. This way, you also make a difference with other candidates.

Maybe you are an engineer and have been passionate about aircraft since childhood? Do you have passions or talents? With that, you say much more than simply by listing where you worked before or which education you enjoyed. An elevator pitch should be short and sweet: between 30 and 60 seconds is a good guideline.

4. The location (and pc)

Today many job interviews are done online. Nice and easy, because you don’t have to leave the house. The potential employer comes to you, as it were. Nevertheless, preparation is also crucial in that respect. For example, you install in a quiet place, preferably in an enclosed space. Make agreements in advance with any housemates that they may not just drop in, for example.

Also, test the system in advance. See how you and your surroundings come into the picture and how the light is. Check the audio settings and make sure everything works: your webcam, headset,… And look at (the hole of) your camera at the top enough, not just your screen.

5. The timing (and outfit)

Go for a professional profile picture in the used (video) chat platform. That is the first thing an employer sees of you anyway. Wear a suitable and professional outfit that you feel good in. A jogging is too casual, a tailored suit is often too chic.

Many recruiters recommend, and do themselves, to wear shoes as well. Even if they do not appear, slippers or flip-flops quickly give you a mentally homely and non-professional feeling. Also, keep the number of your conversation partner at hand. If online registration does not work immediately, you can still call. Finally, get ready for the interview in time. Because even online, the message is to arrive on time.

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