How I sacrifice part of my body for money

I sacrificed part of my body to become rich. Now, I have gotten the money and luxurious life I wanted but could not bear children. Life seems to be miserable to me, especially when you made sacrificed for money.

I’m a 42-year-old businessman. Everything is fine at this level, and I am not complaining. But that is not why I am writing to you. My concern is on another level.

I come from a family where life has not been easy. For me, who grew up seeing my parents in poverty, I certainly wanted to change things. Growing up, I had only one question in mind: how to become rich? And as quickly as possible!

For a long time, I asked myself this question. In the meantime, I have done some work here and there to help my parents. It was in this situation that I lost my mother. She died as a result of an illness. We had no money to look after her.

Seeing all this, I wondered how and when we were going to get away with it. Time passed. I was getting older. I was not married, and I had no children, nothing. In such a situation, we think that life goes without us. It’s hard to understand.

There are many questions about the future and everything. I wondered if God was concerned about me. The little jobs I did, did not bring me much. From then on, I began to have other ideas. The more time passed, the more my determination grew.

I went to see several mystics to satisfy my dream. Some asked me things that I could not do. Nevertheless, I have made many sacrifices, passing in different places that you cannot imagine.


The last witch doctor I met, he decanted my situation. On seeing me, he was at first struck by my young age. But it was his work that interested him. He only asked me if I was confident that this is what I wanted and if I was willing to pay the price.

As I had already heard that we could have wealth thanks to the geniuses, I accepted. This man offered me a pact. I agreed, eyes closed because at that time, it was as if I was indifferent to everything around me.

In exchange for fortune, I had to sacrifice my manhood, that is to say, my system; and, therefore, my life. As I said, nothing mattered to me except to earn money. And very quickly! I spent nearly a week with the witch doctor. He prepared me with different decoctions, baths late at night, and so on.

According to the witchdoctor, these are things that would attract money to me. Likewise, I was going to have easy contact with rich people, and all I would ask them; they would give it to me.

In the end, the witch doctor gave me a gray-gray that I had to wear on me, as well as the details about the use.


Very quickly, I experienced the effects of this talisman. My situation changed overnight, and everything started from nothing. I met a businessman who liked me a lot, and he traveled regularly and entrusted me with his affairs in Abidjan

. So it was with his financial support that I set up my affairs. These have borne fruit to my surprise, in one go! Since then, my galley was behind me. More than ten years ago, I knew that I owe it to the rituals I made.

Today, I do not lack anything, and I lived a good life. At first, I remember that I spared myself no pleasure. I caught up with everything I could not do during my childhood. I travel a hundred miles an hour, and I have a fleet of cars, beautiful girls, clothes, and so on. I offered myself everything!

But everything at a time! I realized now that money had not changed my life. I want to be clear: I do not have the happiness I hoped for when I became rich. True that I can buy what I want. I do not have any limitations on that, but I do not have the joy of a healthy life. Why? First, in my unbridled life, I caught AIDS, following by many conquests. I am currently on antiretroviral therapy. Not only that, but I realize today the mistake I made years ago. I became sexually impotent.


Since the condition for having money was to bring me to perform the spell. I cannot make children anymore. All the women I’ve lived with have left me because of this problem and that spoils my life. I cannot explain that to anyone, not even the girls I went out with. I feel that my life is meaningless. What will it do for me to live and not have a single descendant on earth? Who will inherit what I sacrificed myself to have? I feel like I have sold my soul to the devil, and that depresses me every day. My carelessness of yesterday plunges me into remorse.

It was with great regret that I wanted to share my story with the readers. Right now, I’m not in my country. I’m on the move, out of the country. I am currently obsessed with my situation, and I assure you that if I could go back in time to change things, I would not hesitate.

Sometimes I regret my old life because I think there was good in it. At least I did not have all kinds of constraints, and I had the freedom that nobody could take me. I hope that everyone who reads my story believes in life and is fighting for success. You can do this without going through a roundabout way. What God gives is not followed by sorrow. But I, because of my eagerness, have lost the essential life.

What do you think?

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  1. How can I get to the witch doctor,I need to scrafice my potency for money, please help me, give me the location pls 🙏🙏🙏

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