“I’m tired of eating human flesh,” laments a witch doctor

A traditional healer, Nino Mbatha, who entered a South African police station. And pulled out a human hand from a school bag he was carrying, is being sued for murder.

Ryan Ntshalintshali, the police officer from Estcourt, who was on duty, when Mbatha entered the police station told the court about the incident, reports TimesLive.

The action of Mbatha led to an investigation that led to the discovery of parts of the human body. Later identified as a woman, of a certain Zanele Hlatshwayo. This finally allowed the arrest of several men.

Mbatha and his co-defendants, all 32, have been charged with murdering a local woman, Zanele Hlatswayo. The three suspects pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Ntshalintshali told the court, “When he entered the police station, I thought he was mentally unstable because he kept talking. He shouted, “I need the help of the police because I’m tired of having to eat human flesh.””

The policeman said he warned Mbatha to remain silent, but he kept talking in Zulu. “He indexed his bag, saying that there were human parts in it. He opened the bag and took out what looked like a hand and put it on the counter.”

Surprised and confused by the discovery, Ntshalintshali told Judge Peter Olson that he had called another officer to inspect the hand. At first, they thought it was a doll’s hand. “He then took an object out of the bag and a horrible smell was coming out,” Ntshalintshali said. “That’s when I told him that I was placing him under arrest on suspicion of murder,” added the policeman.

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