These 5 musicians sold their souls to the devil

Practice, patience, and once again practice, anyone who is learning to play a musical instrument requires a lot of work, which can be such a burden. The Devil is said to love music very much, which is not surprising. After all, he has all the best melodies.

It is said that Lucifer has a particular affinity for string instruments, especially violins and guitars. In exchange for just one soul, for any condition, the Duke of Darkness can teach you how to really play this guitar. He can make you a star.

You might think that no one would accept his offer, but we have found at least five musicians who supposedly thought it was a lot.

1. Snoop Dogg

Usually, these deals with the Devil’s soul are enveloped in mystery. Sometimes, however, there is a performer who is happy to talk about it or sing about it.

Snoop Dogg confesses that he was in a dark place at the time when he heard a voice saying, “Bring your lifestyle to me, I’ll make it better”. Mr. Dogg then asked how long he would live on earth, and the voice shouted back “eternal and forever”. A good deal of cause it sounds.

There is some evidence that the artist initially believed he was making a pact with God but was deceived by the Devil.

Or maybe it’s just a song. It’s up to you.

2. Tommy Johnson

Tommy Johnson was a blues musician, and he is credited with starting rumors that Robert Johnson sold his soul at a crossroads. This is strange because, before this rumor spread, it was thought that Tommy had done the same.

Tommy Johnson was one of Mississippi’s most influential bluesmen in the 1920s and 1930s. His elder brother Ledell taught him to play guitar when, as a teenager, Johnson ran away from home to the Delta Mississippi. Two years later, after he returned, he was an experienced guitarist

Ledell Johnson said that his brother had met a “mysterious figure” at a crossroads. A stranger set up a guitar for him, after which he could play like, well, the Devil. This is exactly what Tommy said about Robert Johnson.

Maybe Tommy Johnson is distracting attention from his devilish meeting, or the Devil spends a lot of time hanging out at the intersections with the guitar tuner.

3. The Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones released a new album In 1968, which confirmed the darkest suspicions of each parent. Rock and roll was indeed devilish music. The song’s opening of the Beggar’s banquet was, indeed, empathy for the Devil.

Keith Richards explained to the Rolling Stone magazine that some people saw them as “acting as Lucifer’s unknown agents, while others thought we were Lucifer”.

Some of their fans, however, did buy into Satanic Majesties (the title of their previous album). In particular, the Angels of Hell were lacquering it. If an illegal biker gang had an official anthem, it was sympathy for the Devil. They provided “safety” for the stones at the free music festival in Altamont.

Trouble started during this song, and soon after, a teenager was stabbed. Although the song was not directly related to the stabbing, the Stones did not play it live for a long time.

Since then, the stones have been chasing rumors of devil worship, perhaps because of secret messages embedded in their music, or possibly because of the big horned head of the Devil tattooed on Mick’s chest.

4. Giuseppe Tartini

They say that Giuseppe Tartini not only sold his soul to the Devil but also composed a song with him. Trillo del Diavolo, or the Devil’s trill, appeared to Tartini in his sleep. He said the song came to him after his sleepy “I” had also sold my soul.

However, he did not check the fine print on the deal because the music he had recorded when he woke up was not as complex as the Devil’s melody.

However, it may have been for the best, because the Devil’s Trill is considered one of the most technically complicated works for violin ever written. Although he was a very skilled musician, he soon discovered that he wasn’t really good enough to play his own melody, so he traded his soul for a melody that he couldn’t play.

These devils, they are cunning. Giuseppe Tartini spent rest of his life trying to master his own melody, which must have annoyed him. However, he was a first-class musician as well as a famous womanizer, scandalize, and a skilled swordsman.

5. John Lennon

John Lennon is known for saying that the Beatles were bigger than Jesus. So we already knew that he was a blasphemer. However, one Beatles scientist spent years interpreting hidden messages and symbols in John Lennon’s music, works of art, and album covers, and he believes he has proof that Lennon really sold his soul to the Devil.

To explain his theory, he follows the obviously fascinating path of magic, mysticism, numerology, and theology, as well as a slightly less reliable mystical science of anagram and listening to songs backward.

Well, there is a good chance that this Beatles scientist is a bit crazy, but again, who are we to judge?

Lennon allegedly signed his pact with Lucifer around December 1960, shortly before the first known outbreak of this well-known viral disease-bitlomania. If this is true, it seems particularly difficult for Lennon, as the other 3 members of the group seem to have managed to keep their souls intact while still sharing the glory.

Lennon’s promise was 20 years of success before the Devil returned his favor. Lennon died on December 7th, 1980.

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