How to cool down a room with a fan

It is challenging to stay in a room that is too hot to sleep in. If you don’t have access to air conditioning, what other options do you have to bring the temperature down in the room? You can use a few different strategies to cool down the temperature of a room during the day or before bedtime if you have a fan in your house.

You will need ice or water bottles to complete this task.

How to cool down a room with a fan

1. Set up two fans to create ventilation in opposite directions

In order to carry out the first approach for cooling the space, you will want two fans to generate cross ventilation in the room. Therefore, the heated air will exit, and the cold air will enter.

  1. Put one of the fans in a location where its airflow will be directed into the space that needs to be cooled.
  2. Make use of the other fan to direct air towards the first fan.
  3. Installing a second fan in the shaded room portion or in front of a second window directly opposite the first window will allow air to be blown into the space where you wish to cool.
  4. Start up both of the fans.

This installation removes stale, hot air outside and lets fresh, cooler air in.


  • Ensure that every window, curtain, and blind is drawn to avoid being exposed to sunlight throughout the day.
  • Maintain as many doors inside the house as possible in their open positions. This will assist in increasing the airflow throughout the entire house.
  • If only one fan is available, you can still produce cross-ventilation to remove part of the stiflingly hot air by turning it in opposite directions. To achieve this, you will first need to turn on the fan, then open the second window on the opposite side of the room.
  • If your home has a basement, installing a fan there will allow cooler air to be drawn into the rest of the house, thereby cooling down the space.

2. Make use of an ice bucket and a fan

How to cool down a room with a fan

You will use either a bucket or a deep basin of ice to complete this procedure.

The air will become cooler as it moves through the ice, and this cooler air will then circulate the room, producing a mist that is both refreshing and cool. In this kind of heat, a do-it-yourself air conditioner like this will be a true lifesaver.

3. Make use of a fan and ice-filled bottles of water

In order to accomplish this, you will need to put a damp cloth over a tray, freeze an empty plastic bottle of approximately one liter in volume, and then place the bottle on the tray.

Put the bottle in front of a fan to make the air coming from the bottles of the cold water cooler and bring the overall temperature down in the room.

How to cool down a room with a fan

If the heat is particularly oppressive, you should freeze two bottles of water and then replace them every four to five hours.

How to cool a room in the heat without a fan and air conditioning

How to cool a room in the heat without a fan and air conditioning

If you do not have access to a fan or air conditioner in your home during the summer, you can employ many additional methods to keep a room cool.

1. Cross ventilation with windows

You can achieve natural cross-ventilation without a fan by opening windows in different directions.

The simplest solution is to open both of the windows directly across from one another. Do not be concerned if your apartment does not have the capacity for this particular choice. Make sure that none of the open windows are on the same side of the room.

The breeze should come in through one window and then leave through another window that is directly opposite the first. Even if the windows are positioned so that they are perpendicular to the entry window, air will still be able to enter the open space.

2. Distribute water containers in various locations throughout the home

It can aid in partially cooling the area by placing vessels of water around the house in strategic locations.

Pets will benefit from having water bowls because it will make it easier for them to drink water throughout the day.

It is important to remember to keep water away from electrical outlets and appliances.

3. Hang up wet sheets

An additional method to maintain a comfortable temperature in the room is to spread a wet sheet close to an open window.

This will assist in lowering the temperature of the air being brought into space.

4. Make sure the sleeping area is nice and cool

If your bedroom is stuffy and hot, it would be very difficult for you to fall asleep there. However, there are a number of things that may be done to lower the temperature of the room in which you sleep.

  • Because heat rises, you should work to bring down the level of the place where you will be sleeping as much as you can, for instance, by putting a mattress on the floor.
  • At the foot of the bed, place a bottle of water that has been refrigerated or frozen and gel cool packs. This will assist cool down not only the legs but also the entire body.

5. Change bedding

How to cool a room in the heat without a fan and air conditioning

Make use of linens in light colors and made of light materials like cotton or linen. It allows for decent airflow, promoting ventilation and healthy air exchange.

6. Make sure the lights are turned off

Make extensive use of the available natural light. Light bulbs produce heat; this is true even with environmentally friendly LED light bulbs. The sun does not set during the summer months until around 8 or 9 o’clock.

After it gets dark, make an effort to keep rooms cool by reducing the amount of light that is on.

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