How to get pretty ladies without being rejected

For many men, getting to know a beautiful girl can be a very difficult task. A man, even with innate charisma and eloquence, can screw up and get rejected.

Being with a beautiful girl is every man’s dream, but getting turned down by a woman is every man’s nightmare. To prevent turned down from happening, it is necessary to start a dialogue with a woman and place her in the right place.

These three ways can help understand a woman and not get rejected by her.

1. The right compliment

How to get pretty ladies without being rejected

The most popular way to get to know a woman is to compliment her. Often men say the usual compliments that she is already tired of listening to, for example: “You have beautiful eyes”. With this compliment, a man will achieve nothing, it is necessary to note the narrower features of a person’s personality.

He has to notice such traits in a woman who thinks she is almost unique in herself. She may have a smart look, a perfect sense of humor, and other unusual qualities that distinguish her from others in a positive way.

2. Tell her a funny joke

How to get pretty ladies without being rejected

When a man tells a woman a joke, he can place her in his room and relax her a little. But men often make mistakes when they say dirty jokes, jokes about their mother-in-law, rude, vulgar, and repulsive jokes. Such parodies can work well in the company of friends or acquaintances, but not with women.

3. Pay attention to details

How to get pretty ladies without being rejected

Like with a compliment, a woman will be pleased to know about herself some unique details that distinguish her from others positively. A man can praise a woman’s clothes, ask about what she is carrying if she is reading a book, and then show interest in the author.

You can tell the girl that you have wanted to read this book for a long time, that she has a great taste for the brand and other compliments associated with it. The woman will know that you are attentive to the little things, and she will be interested in you in this way.

The above tips are simple but effective, try it and come back for testmonies.

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