How to meet guys online and in real life

There are several challenges with dating, including a lack of understanding of how to start a conversation and deal with uncomfortable silence. We might also be concerned about what the guy we like thinks of us. In truth, if you know a few important facts, becoming familiar with the Internet and life is quite simple. We’ll discuss them: here are ten dating suggestions to make it simpler and more successful.

10 tips for meeting guys online and in real life

1. Be in a positive mood before joining a dating app

How to meet guys online and in real life

Have a positive and optimistic vibe. So, if you’re not in the mood, don’t use a dating app.

Before conversing with someone or looking at profiles, get yourself in a good mood. You may accomplish this by recalling a happy memory, making a cup of your favourite tea, or listening to upbeat music.

2. Keep a discussion going with a partner by linking to his profile

If you’re using a dating app, the person’s profile with whom you’re conversing is the primary source of conversation starters. To get the latest stories, install our app here

People often identify an area of activity or a pastime that you may discuss or that they share with you in it. And if you don’t know anything about his hobbies or career, don’t be afraid to inquire: most individuals like talking about their passions. As a result, you better understand the interlocutor and sustain a conversation with him.

3. Make direct eye contact

How to meet guys online and in real life

Make eye contact with the guy you like before approaching him or her. As a result, any misunderstandings or discomfort that may arise between you will be avoided. He must be aware that you are staring at him. Three seconds and a slight smile should be enough.

You may tell how a possible counterpart is set up for the dialogue by his response. You may safely begin a conversation if you obtain a smile in return. If the guy turns away or pulls out a smartphone, you should avoid approaching him.

4. Begin a discussion, offer praise, or seek advice

If you find the words “hi, how are you?” to be overused and monotonous, begin the conversation with praise, a request for guidance, or a mix of the two.

If you meet an attractive guy in a bar, for example, you may complement his drink selection and ask what he recommends for you. Alternatively, tell him you admire his shirt and inquire about where he got it since you want to present a similar one to a friend or sibling.

Agreed, we’re all ecstatic when we get unexpected compliments. Furthermore, the dialogue will begin much more quickly. As a result, we may set up an interlocutor for communication.

5. Make the first move

If the initial date or chat went well and you like your new friend, don’t be afraid to offer a new activity. Inquire if he wants to go for a coffee or a stroll in the park anytime soon.

Many of us believe that if a guy declines to meet with us again, he isn’t interested in us. On the other hand, your discussion partner may be perplexed or unsure of indicating that they don’t mind meeting you again. To get the latest stories, install our app here

Furthermore, you have nothing to lose in either case: if you get a favourable response, you’ll keep communicating; if you get a negative answer, you won’t be bothered by speculation or waiting for something that won’t happen.

6. On the first date, inquire about important topics

How to meet guys online and in real life

After conversing online, it’s a good idea to question the interlocutor about some important topics that can help you discover more about him during your first date. Career, relationships, aspirations, and a fundamental view of life are among the topics discussed.

You should avoid discussing religion and politics, but it is worthwhile to inquire whether the prior relationship has ended and what the interlocutor is up to. In terms of short-term ambitions, you must confess that you don’t want to waste time if your potential partner wants to move to another country in a few months.

7. Do not attach much importance to the awkwardness that arises

It’s fairly common for individuals who hardly know one other to pause in their discussion or remain mute because they don’t know how to respond to the interlocutor’s query. Do not place too much emphasis on this, particularly during the date.

We might all be ashamed or want to create a good first impression, so we behave uncomfortably. This, however, does not imply that the interlocutor will have a negative image of us. Perhaps he is so confused by his own actions that he fails to see your timidity.

8. Make a positive first impression

We’re not talking about always agreeing with him and laughing at jokes you don’t like. When your genuine point of view is disclosed, it will only worsen matters. To get the latest stories, install our app here

It’s enough to show up to a meeting with a pleasant attitude and an interest in communication to create a good first impression. Also, communicate with the interlocutor openly and honestly. Reading people’s body language is also useful: many gestures reveal more about us than we realize.

9. Boost your confidence

How to meet guys online and in real life

When you meet or go on your first date, how you feel, and act is crucial. People appreciate being around confident people. The more confident you are, the more quickly you contact a guy. It has a favourable impact on your initial impression as well.

10. With dignity, accept rejection

Don’t take it personally if you contacted a man to get to know him, and he declined. Maybe he has a girlfriend, or he’s not in the mood to meet and converse with anybody.

Accept rejection with dignity and a smile on your face. And don’t be too self-conscious about your looks: there are a variety of reasons for rejecting to meet that have nothing to do with the interlocutor’s appearance. Accept the rejection with thanks for the honesty with which it was delivered. This is preferable to situations in which you are deceived.

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