Does the guy have to pay for the first date?

The first date is exciting and (usually) a lot of fun. But then often comes the awkward moment: the checkout. Are you going to pay the old-fashioned way yourself, have her pay, or are you going to split?

Is it normal for a man to pay for the first date?

It might not be what you’d like to hear, but the old-fashioned way, it’s common for the guy to pay for a first date. We agree with this in most cases. It’s often simply a sign that you liked the date and a sign of courtesy. Sounds old-fashioned!

Furthermore, women often like to be pampered. When a man wants to pay the bill on the first date, he already shows that he can take care of her and maintain her. This is certainly an old-fashioned thought since a woman can certainly support herself. However, in this case, it is simply about the gesture. However, it is also possible that a woman wants to split the bill, which is not surprising at all.

When can you split the bill?

As a man, you should not feel offended if a woman is willing to split the bill on the first date. Make sure that you only allow this if the bill is that high. Because let’s be honest, who wants to split a tenner bill? That’s just embarrassing.

Should the bill amount to hundreds of dollars, splitting the bill on a first date be a possibility. Women can feel guilty when you only pay the bill, especially if she immediately sees that first date as last. So if it turns out during the date that there is no second date, then it doesn’t matter to split the bill.

According to a dating expert, there is another situation where a woman has to pay for the first date. According to a relationship advisor, a woman can pay if she asks the man on a date. She believes this should be the new standard when a woman takes the initiative to ask a man on a date.

Everyone keeps a bit of an old-fashioned idea in their head anyway, so it’s a very good idea that the man pays. Many dating experts also strongly recommend this. A woman will still feel very flattered, and as a man, you score points with it in most cases.

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