How to overcome inferiority complex and boast your uniqueness

If you are sure that you are a boring and unremarkable person, if you doubt your abilities, if you are fixated on the idea that other people are much smarter, stronger, and more successful than you, you most likely have an inferiority complex. However, how do you overcome inferiority complex? The solutions are on the list below.

Moreover, this very complex greatly spoils your self-esteem and reduces your quality of life. We have collected several ways to believe in your worth and feel like a truly unique person.

How to overcome inferiority complex

Stop worrying about what others think of you

What difference does it make to you what a saleswoman in a store thinks of you, a conductor on a trolley bus, or your colleague, with whom you talk a couple of times a year? No matter how polite, friendly, selfless you are, this is not a guarantee that you will be loved, appreciated, and respected.

Quite frankly, most people don’t care how you look, what you say, or how you behave. They are focused only on themselves, spending too much effort to create the image they want.

Stop worrying about what someone else thinks of you. Dress the way you feel comfortable, do what you are interested in, say what you think. Most likely, more than half of your family and friends will not even notice that something has changed in your life.

Make all decisions yourself

Well, seriously, you are an adult, a self-sufficient person, enough to make decisions based on other people’s opinions. Of course, loved ones will always give you advice, others to criticize, but you should not pay attention to this. No one knows better than you what your life should be. So pull yourself together and start doing whatever you want with her.

Try to ask someone for help as little as possible

You can handle 99% of your problems yourself. But if you are used to playing it safe, fearing failure, or not trusting yourself, if you constantly ask for help from those whom you consider much more successful than you, then you have no way to verify this statement.

Challenge yourself: don’t ask anyone for help for a week, no matter how difficult it is for you. At first, you will not believe in the success of your operation. Still, ultimately, when you have nowhere to go but to independently solve all the problems that have arisen on your way, you will be convinced that you can do almost everything.

Learn to defend your position

If you cannot defend yourself or your position, convince a person that your opinion matters, make someone change their mind, it is not surprising that you are experiencing great difficulties.

To get rid of an inferiority complex, you must learn to defend your position. From now on, you should always have a few weighty arguments in stock that will allow you to convince your opponent; you must stop mumbling and start speaking confidently so that you want to listen to you; you must stand your ground to the end. Yes, this is radical, and yes, you will have to participate in a couple of disputes, perhaps even fierce ones, but this will give you the necessary experience and help you believe in yourself.

Don’t decide for other people

Often you may feel that you are not appreciated or respected, and you can draw such conclusions because of one strange word or deed of a person. But you take on too much when you allow yourself to decide for other people. Instead of arguing why they hate you, walk up to the person and ask him why he behaved this way. Most often, strange actions result from some inner experience, extreme fatigue, or a long stay in a state of stress.

Take criticism calmly

If you think that the person criticizing you wants to hurt you more painfully, make you disappointed in yourself, lower your self-esteem, you are mistaken. Most often, people pursue one goal: to increase their status and their importance in the eyes of others. Criticizing someone, a person feels like an expert, even if he is completely ignorant of the topic under discussion.

So stop taking criticism as a personal insult. You are cool; you are doing everything right, so keep going your way, not paying attention to those who want to assert themselves at your expense.

Get rid of perfectionism

Of course, you may think that perfectionism is your virtue, not a disadvantage, but this is not true. As long as your colleagues do their job efficiently and on time, you try to reach unrealistic standards, forgetting about all possible deadlines. As a result, you did not achieve perfection, did the work at an average level, and did not meet the deadlines. You start scolding yourself, and your bosses are actively involved in this. The next shot is your self-esteem slowly sliding down to the level of the baseboard.

Perfectionism does not lead to anything good; it’s time to admit it. Well, start to perform the tasks assigned to you with high quality, without trying to exceed all possible expectations.

Stop comparing yourself to others

Remember, finally, that you are unique, and this is your dignity. It would be very boring if everyone were alike to live in the world. You have your path, life rhythm, goals, dreams, views, and beliefs. Most likely, your concept of success is also different from the generally accepted one.

So instead of feeling inferior looking at those who have achieved a little more than you, it is better to continue to work hard on yourself. Well, remember: the only person with whom you have to compare yourself every day is yourself, or rather, your version of yesterday.

Give others an example of how they should treat you

Treat yourself the way you would like others to treat you. If you want to be loved, appreciated, and respected, so first show all these feelings for yourself. Seriously: no one will love a person who does not value himself. This is impossible: he will look for a catch everywhere, alienate people from himself, ignore a good attitude towards himself and consider that he is not worthy of it.

Feel free to give others an example of how they should treat you.

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