How to prepare for a performance interview: 5 concrete tips

When you think about your next performance review, do you break out in a cold sweat? There isn’t a single cause! You’ll be well prepared at the table with these 5 Afrinik techniques.


Make a list of the subjects you’d want to talk about. Also, send that list to your boss. You may prepare yourself if he also discusses certain subjects with you. This is how the performance review agenda takes shape. Is it possible that your boss employs a certain template or pattern for this?

Consider the things you wish to cover ahead of time. Every performance assessment does not have the same set of themes. However, several topics reoccur frequently: your variety of responsibilities and the degree to which they provide satisfaction, your team, and the working environment, training possibilities, corporate management, and your future goals. The conversation’s goal should be enhanced at all times.

Make use of the sandwich technique

It’s not only about you if you and your employer do the performance review according to the rules of the game. It’s a conversation in which you may complain about your employer, the firm, and the working environment. As a result, plan ahead of time what you want to say. The sandwich technique is the greatest way to deliver feedback to your immediate boss or employer. You begin with a positive point, then state a critique, then conclude with a positive point.

Make a list of your realizations

You don’t have to lavish praise on yourself, but the performance review is an excellent time to demonstrate to your manager

what you’ve accomplished. As a result, keep track of the projects or activities you worked on. Also, make it clear what role you played.

Also, let it know what you’re working on right now. With all of this in mind, consider the goals you and your boss set at your prior performance assessment. How far have you gotten so far? Finally, don’t be afraid to speak out about problems, bottlenecks, and even failures. Nobody is without flaws!

Make a list of your desires and expectations

Use your performance evaluation to spell out what you want to achieve on your wish list. Also, make a wish list ahead of time. Do you wish to participate in a particular training program? Do you see a change in your responsibilities? Do you have any specific initiatives in mind for the future? You can be searching for a promotion or somewhere to store your belongings. The latter, on the other hand, is often left out of performance evaluations.

Performance interview is not to be confused with assessment interview

You and your supervisor must not mix up the two talks. Whereas a performance interview is a conversation, an assessment interview is mostly a presentation by your manager. That talk is an evaluation of your progress toward your objectives, as the name implies. The employee is judged by the employer. If the evaluation is favorable, you may be able to request a promotion or increase.

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