7 signs that you are in a toxic work environment

Of course, we all don’t feel like Monday, we get bored at work sometimes, and we sometimes have a terrible week at work. But if these things are the rule rather than the exception, you need to pay attention. You may find yourself in a toxic work environment and unhealthy work culture.

If so, it will affect your performance, your happiness at work, and your health. Then it is time to look for a job that suits you. But how do you recognize such an unhealthy work culture?

Here are seven signs you’re in a toxic work environment. Do you recognize several or even all of them? Then take action and look for a new job


Poor communication

When there is constant uncertainty about projects, employees from different managers receive different assignments, and the staff is not listened to, poor communication occurs. This is a sign that you are in a toxic work environment where you can’t quite shine.

Cliques and gossip

We all know what a clique looks like because we all went to high school. While we know this is childish behaviour, it still feels painful to find yourself being left out.

Cliques are also unproductive. It’s good to make friends at work, but it hurts the collaboration and, therefore, the results as soon as you start excluding others.

Bad management

Maybe you have a manager who blames everyone but himself, someone who thinks his employees should be just like him/her, or you’re dealing with a micromanager.

Whatever your situation, poor management has a significant impact on your happiness at work. You want to be appreciated at work – that’s the best way to do it. Can’t talk to your manager? Then see if you can contact HR with your concerns.

High employee turnover

High employee turnover is a clear sign of unhealthy work culture, whether because many people are fired, and contracts are not renewed or because people decide to resign themselves.

Not a good work-life balance

Another noticeable sign of unhealthy work culture is the lack of a good work-life balance. This is, for example, if employees have to respond to their e-mail at all times, have to work a lot of overtime, and hardly take any holidays. You should be able to go to the dentist without feeling guilty.

Unmotivated employees

If employees are not adequately cared for, you and your colleagues will feel less and less motivated. When you notice that everyone around you is counting down the hours to five and is rather busy with other things than work, it may be time for a new job.

When you feel burned out

You notice it in your environment if you are in unhealthy work culture and yourself. You may be burned out because the workload is too high, because of poor management, or perhaps because you are not challenged at all. But if you’re feeling sluggish and burned out, alarm bells should be ringing.

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