How to reduce body heat immediately:10 easy ways

This is not only the gentle sun and the time for holidays but also the exhausting heat that provokes a breakdown. To avoid health problems and sunstroke, it is important to cool off during the day and avoid spending more than 10-15 minutes under the scorching sun. Read more about how to reduce body heat immediately on a hot summer day.

1. Drink more water throughout the day

How to reduce body heat immediately:10 easy ways

In the heat, you will feel better if the water balance is in order. To keep it normal, drink about 250 ml of water every hour. This will be enough for the body to refresh and save energy reserves.

If you can’t drink a lot of plain water, try adding orange or lemon slices, mint leaves, fresh berries or ginger to it. Coconut water is another drink that will help quench your thirst and reduce your body heat.

2. Avoid caffeine and alcohol

Coffee and alcohol are considered diuretic drinks. The more you consume them, the more moisture your body will lose. And this can lead to mild dehydration and loss of energy.

If you do not want to completely give up coffee in the heat, you prefer cold coffee drinks. Thanks to the water or ice added, they are less concentrated and will not cause overheating of the body.

3. Take a contrast shower

How to reduce body heat immediately:10 easy ways

A contrast shower improves blood circulation and strengthens the immune system. Cold water also releases beta-endorphins, anti-inflammatory properties, into the bloodstream. If you are hesitant to take a contrast shower, try immersing your feet in a bucket of cold water. This will cool the whole body a little.

4. Close the curtains

Early in the morning, as soon as the sun begins to warm the house’s walls, close the curtains to block the sun’s rays. The curtains should be made of thick dark fabric. It is also better to keep the front door closed in the heat.

If the windows in your home or office have horizontal blinds, tilt them so that you can see through them not the sky but the earth.

5. Give preference to spicy food

In India and Thailand, where summer temperatures reach record highs, locals prefer to eat heavily spiced dishes. Such food causes increased sweating, due to which the body cools down.

On hot summer days in Eastern countries, they prefer to add chili, curry, and coriander to the diet. However, people with gastritis and other digestive problems should be careful with hot spices.

6. Choose breathable fabrics

To avoid overheating the body, on hot days, prefer clothing made from breathable fabrics that can absorb moisture. For example, cotton is a natural fabric that perfectly absorbs and retains moisture, helping to cool the body.

Linen clothing is also suitable for hot summers. But its minus is that it dries for a long time and quickly wrinkles. T-shirts, socks, and underwear made from bamboo will also protect against UV rays and overheating.

7. Add watery fruits and vegetables to your diet

How to reduce body heat immediately:10 easy ways

Watermelons, cucumbers, melons, grapes, and other juicy vegetables and fruits are needed by our bodies in the heat. First of all, to make up for the loss of minerals that leave the body with sweat. Fruits that contain a large amount of potassium are also useful. For example, bananas, apricots and avocados. However, to avoid harming the figure, watch the amount of food eaten.

8. Apply a wet handkerchief or towel to your neck

Soak a bandana, handkerchief, or cotton towel in cool water, then apply it to your neck to cool off a bit. And when the fabric is dry, blot it again and repeat the process.

By the way, various gadgets and fabrics with a cooling effect are on the market today—for example, bandanas with a special helium filler that slowly releases a pleasant cold to the body. You can take them with you to the office or for a walk and not be afraid to wet your clothes.

9. Cool down the pulse points

To cool down quickly, you can apply a cool compress or ice cubes wrapped in a towel to your forehead. Another effective refreshing option is to apply ice to pulse points: the inner creases of the elbow, popliteal arteries, and wrists.

If ice is unavailable, simply soak your wrists under cool water for one or two minutes.

10. Spray water around you

How to reduce body heat immediately:10 easy ways

Fill a spray bottle with ice water and spray around the perimeter of the room. So you can humidify the air and avoid the feeling of dryness in the nasopharynx. To keep the moisture level in the house at an optimal level, try to clean more often, buy a humidifier, or put a container of water on the table.

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