How to remove red wine stains

Red wine stains are undoubtedly the most stubborn and difficult to get rid of. Since it has a very strong color, red wine tends to leave very evident and intense stains on the fabrics it accidentally falls—the possibility of streaks or traces remaining after washing is, therefore, relatively high. Knowing how to remove red wine stains is therefore essential for flawless laundry results.

When a fabric has red wine stains, it is necessary to pre-treat because washing in the washing machine alone may not be enough, especially if the fabric is not washed immediately. Below we provide you with a comprehensive list that will show you how to remove red wine stains using simple natural ingredients and very effective home remedies.

Marseille soap

Rub the stain with a damp stick of Marseille soap before washing the garment in the washing machine. This method is effective on both fresh and dry spots.


Salt is great for removing red wine stains on sturdy fabrics. Sprinkle the stain with salt, let it sit for 5 minutes, then pour boiling water over it, and be very careful.

Sodium percarbonate

It is a natural active oxygen whitener. It is very effective when used as a pre-treat to remove red wine stains on white tablecloths or a shirt with a resistant fabric. Soak the stained fabric with water and percarbonate, following the directions on the package.

Alcohol and white vinegar

If you need to remove stains from delicate fabrics, first soak them with denatured alcohol and then wet them with white vinegar. Then proceed by washing the clothes as usual.

Sparkling water

It is the emergency solution when you are away from home. Suppose you have stained your shirt with red wine while at the stain; try pouring a few drops of sparkling water on the stain. Rub, and you will see that the stain will fade immediately. When you are at home, wash your garment as normal.

Lemon juice and toothpaste

This is an ancient remedy but always very effective, suitable for both fresh and older stains. Drop some lemon juice on the stain along with a few drops of liquid soap and let it act for a few minutes. Then proceed with the usual washing.

You can also resort to toothpaste to remove red wine stains from resistant fabrics in the absence of anything else. Apply it on dry stains and let it act as much as possible before normal washing. But be careful if you use whitening toothpaste: on colored garments, it could have an effect similar to bleach.

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