I am diabetic! Is it possible to get a tattoo?

I am diabetic! Is it possible to get a tattoo?

Fortunately, the current level of development of medicine and pharmacology allows people with diabetes to live life to the fullest and almost indulge in various pleasures. Tattoo is one of them.

Diabetes mellitus is a general name for many diseases associated with impaired glucose uptake. Today, more than 400 million people have diabetes, and up to half of them do not know about this peculiarity. Is it feasible for people with diabetes to get a tattoo, and if not, then why? This article will try to answer fully and reasonably, but do not forget: before making a decision, you need to consult with your endocrinologist.

Can diabetics get a tattoo?

I am diabetic! Is it possible to get a tattoo?

Common to all subspecies of this disease is impaired blood circulation in the capillaries and, as a result, the blood supply to the skin. Also, immunity is often impaired, the susceptibility to infections increases, and the pain threshold decreases. All this can cause additional difficulties both at the stage of tattooing and then when it will heal.

But do not rush to get upset: not all diabetics strictly prohibit tattoos. There are options for the course of the disease in which they are unacceptable, but there are milder forms of diabetes; in these cases, you and your doctor make the decision.

Diabetes mellitus and tattoos are incompatible if:

  • You have type 1 diabetes mellitus with insulin dependence;
  • You are taking insulin or other hormones;
  • Disease in the stage of decompensation (exacerbation);
  • You have had to bleed, have been diagnosed with clotting disorders;
  • You have a viral infection or a worsening of another chronic illness;
  • You are pregnant.

Less absolute contraindications to tattoos for diabetes mellitus are:

  • Concomitant allergies, especially to drugs and metals (pigment contains iron oxide);
  • Concomitant herpes and other skin diseases;
  • Regularly taking alcohol or strong medications.

What is the effect of getting a tattoo for diabetes:

I am diabetic! Is it possible to get a tattoo?
  • During the procedure – intense pain, severe bleeding, severe edema;
  • During healing – more prolonged regeneration (up to 2 months longer than usual), high risk of infection and suppuration, distortion of color and pattern.

Not a single competent doctor will immediately answer you in the affirmative to the question of whether people with diabetes can get tattoos. Such a statement is a great responsibility, and a rare physician will be ready to take it upon himself. The reason is quite understandable: even if you have diabetes with type 2 and not type 1, the risk of complications after tattooing is still present.

With a mild course of the disease and a stable blood sugar level, the body can also react violently to such a seemingly harmless procedure. Severe pain that will prevent you from filling the drawing to the end, bleeding, long months of hearing – all this, from the doctor’s point of view, is too high a price for a beautiful drawing on the skin.

But a tattoo is not just a drawing. It’s a way to express yourself, overcome fears, set goals, and even change your life. Surely among those reading these lines, there will be those who want to take the risk by taking all the necessary precautions. The continuation of the article is for them.

Tips for those who still want to go on with drawing tattoo

I am diabetic! Is it possible to get a tattoo?

So, you have listened to the doctor’s opinion, you have no direct contraindications, such as type 1 diabetes, and want a tattoo. There are ways to reduce your risk:

  • First and foremost, choose the best salon available to you, where disinfection carries out according to all requirements. Since your body is especially prone to “grab” an infection, do not tempt fate and do not try to save money.
  • Tell the expert about your disease and listen to his opinion. Warn you that you may need more sessions if the pain does not allow you to do everything in one go. It is good if the expert has already worked with diabetics and knows what to expect.
  • To make it easier for you to transfer the procedure, select a small sketch.
  • When pain occurs, the body releases adrenaline, which lowers blood sugar. Bring something sweet with you, just in case.
  • Do not cover the area you are using for insulin injections with a tattoo. These are usually the arms, abdomen, and thighs.
  • Girls should not get a tattoo during menstruation, as the pain threshold lower these days.
  • Do not apply the design to areas where blood circulation is not intense. These are the buttocks, legs, ankles, and feet.

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