I don’t like Mondays: 9 reasons why you hate Mondays

If you work on a standard 5/2 schedule, you may be among those people who wholeheartedly hate Mondays. It seems to be the most ordinary day of the week, but for some reason, it causes the strongest negative emotions, stress, apathy, and sometimes even anxiety. We have collected a few reasons why Monday annoys you.

You don’t have time to rest over the weekend

Probably the main reason you hate it is that you don’t get enough rest in two weekends. Saturdays and Sundays aren’t enough to get a good night’s sleep, devote time to your hobbies, see your loved ones, and still be able to do all the household tasks you’ve been putting off during the week. But unfortunately, most people work a 5/2 schedule and don’t have to choose.

There’s one tip or, more honestly, just an option to get out of the situation. Stop piling up piles of things to do, promising yourself to do them at the end of the week. It’s better to evenly distribute your tasks and try to have time to do them on weekdays. This way, you can at least somewhat free up the weekend to relax and spend time on something pleasant.

You are forced to go to work

Where do you get your motivation, energy and good mood on Monday if you have to go to work, which you hate? Unfortunately, this is a common problem for most people. If you work where you don’t like and do things you have no interest in at all, every Monday feels like the end of the world. You don’t live, you literally survive, with a sincere hatred of weekdays and counting down the hours until the weekend comes.

There’s no advice on how to love your job or change your attitude about the workweek. Either quit your job and find something that suits you better, or clearly articulate why you need to work hard at a job that you hate.

You have a hard time fitting into your rhythm of work

After a weekend, it can be extremely difficult to get into a work rhythm, concentrate on important things, and convince yourself that your rest is over. Your thoughts are occupied with anything but work, you prefer to discuss the latest news with your colleagues, to scroll through your social networking feed, to dream about vacations. Your brain just doesn’t want to turn on, no matter how hard you try. Naturally, in this state, you will have a hard time working. By comparison, when you are already used to constant work duties in the middle of the week, you will feel much better.

You’re bombarded with a lot of work tasks

Monday is a favorite day for planning meetings, important meetings, business meetings, making the work plan for the week, etc. This post-weekend workload is incredibly annoying: you’re not yet mentally or physically ready to dive into solving work problems. But no one around you cares about your condition, and everyone demands that you be as involved as possible.

You can temper your hatred: just don’t grab on to everything at once. Try approaching the issue like a true strategist – distribute your work tasks evenly throughout the week so you’re not overwhelmed on your first day.

You get annoyed with people who have Monday off

Another reason Mondays annoy you is because not all people have to get themselves out of bed in the morning and drive to work. It’s doubly frustrating to crowd into public transportation on the first day of work when you know that many people can afford a few more hours of sleep. But it’s important to remain objective here because every schedule has its minuses and pluses. For example, a person who stays home on Monday may curse the hell out of going to work on Sunday.

You don’t prepare for the day in advance

You may be mentally preparing yourself for going to work on Monday, but agree that you rarely take any action to make the first day of the week easier on yourself. If you don’t get your chores in order ahead of time, don’t get your clothes ready for the morning, don’t think about getting up early before evening gatherings, Monday goes awry and is practically synonymous with unnecessary stress and worry for you.

Be more thoughtful: have fun on Friday and Saturday, and set aside Sunday for getting a good night’s sleep, rest, and getting in the right frame of mind.

You have burnout

You may genuinely hate the first day of the week because you are used to working a lot and very little rest. You simply do not pay attention to other areas of life, so there is a high risk that you develop or already have burnout.

Remember one important thing: even if you are lucky and your work is really beloved, you still need to be able to rest from it. Don’t upset the work-life balance. Otherwise, every Monday, you will feel especially acute the need to slow down, reconsider your views on the reality around you and finally restore your inner resources.

You don’t want forced interaction with those around you

On weekends, you can manage your free time on your own: choose with whom you have contact and with whom you do not. On Monday, when you go to work and rejoin the team, you have to interact a lot with people. And you don’t always want to interact with them.

Even if you’re an outgoing person, you may feel hard discomfort from lack of choice. Whether you like it or not, you’ll have to maintain contact with people many of whom you don’t like – toxic coworkers, annoying clients, a narcissistic boss. Of course, this is fraught with a lot of stress or, at the very least, a ruined mood, especially after a relaxed weekend.

You don’t feel like you own your life

On the weekend you are free to do whatever you want, for example, lie at home all day, go to family or friends to visit, take a little trip, devote yourself to your favorite hobby. Most likely, Monday for you is the moment when you say goodbye to your freedom for the next five days. You realize that most of your everyday life is occupied by work, and you do not feel like you are the master of your life to the extent that you would like to be.

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