I like to get pierce but how dangerous are piercings?

Are you considering getting any part of your body to pierce but wondering how dangerous piercings are? Below are some types of piercing that are risky.

Modern technologies and tools allow you to decorate almost any part of the body with piercing. If a qualified piercer performs the procedure in a sterile environment and follows the recommendations for puncture care, there should be no problems.

Nevertheless, there are types of piercings that will not undertake to be performed by a self-respecting master due to the possible consequences. What these species are and why they are dangerous.

Why can piercing be dangerous?

Although outwardly the skin looks the same in different parts of the body, other areas and formations may be under it (glands, cartilage tissue, blood vessels). In some places, due to human anatomy, piercing can be dangerous, leading to severe complications.

There are several reasons why this happens:

  • In this place, you can touch something under the skin – for example, salivary glands when puncturing the cheeks;
  • High with subsequent scar formation;
  • After the procedure, you will experience inconvenience in everyday life.

The list of the most dangerous types of piercing that anyone who values their health should not be done.

Snake eyes piercing
Snake eyes piercing

It would seem, how can tongue piercing be dangerous? It all depends on the plane in which the puncture make. Along with the usual vertical punch, there is also a not recommended horizontal puncture, after which the decoration bar passes inside the tongue from edge to edge.

Unlike conventional piercings, this type of tongue piercing is especially fraught with complications, dramatically interferes with eating and speaking, causes permanent microtrauma, and creates a source of infection in the oral cavity.

The general appearance of the tongue resembles a snake due to the similarity of wraps to eyes, hence the name of this risky practice. When asked whether such a tongue piercing is dangerous, the answer is unequivocal – extremely dangerous. Better to abandon it in favor of the classic version.

Vertical lip piercing and why it is dangerous

vertical lip piercing
vertical lip piercing

It is a type of lip piercing in which the jewelry place vertically. The threat of taking such kind of lip piercing is high. Due to the mobility of the lips and the peculiarities of the location of the ear-ring, constant microtrauma occurs. As a result, the wound heals slowly and can become infected.

Also, with frequent touching of the jewelry with a hand, ring, or hair, migration can occur, that is, a reduction in the distance between the puncture and the edge of the lip. Sooner or later, the ear-ring will fall out, leaving an unaesthetic scar.

A safer alternative is the classic piercing under the lip and the installation of safe jewelry, on the inside of which there is a flat disc, and on the outside, there is a small smooth wrap.

Mandible piercing (Sprung/Mandible)

Mandible piercing
Mandible piercing

If you touch yourself under the jaw, you will feel soft tissue. It would seem, why not make a puncture? But the structural features of our body are such that saliva and liquids that you drink constantly flow into the puncture under the jaw. Also, this type of piercing threatens with frequent complications, heals poorly, and, in general, is highly discouraged for performing.

Cheek piercing/Dimple

Cheek piercing
Cheek piercing

This common and seemingly harmless type of puncture causes a lot of trouble for some owners. The fact is that the salivary glands are located on the cheeks, each at a different distance from the corners of the lips.

The expert carefully feels the tissue before piercing, but oversights are possible even with a careful examination. As a result, saliva constantly leaks into the puncture, interfering with healing. And in the future, this causes inconvenience in everyday life: you should tilt your head, and even if your mouth is closed, saliva will drip down. Therefore, we advise you to think more than once and find a safer alternative.

Ashley puncture

Ashley puncture
Ashley puncture

This beautiful name hides a very unsafe puncture that runs precisely in the center of the lip edge. It would seem just a slightly different angle compared to the usual puncture under the lip. But the problem is that “Ashley” significantly often causes inflammation, bleeding, and other unpleasant consequences.

Whether it is dangerous to do such a piercing is not worth it for experienced artisans. They have seen Ashley in their careers with signs of rejection and even tearing of the lips, so they always discourage clients from trying this piercing on themselves.

Eyelid piercing

Eyelid piercing
Eyelid piercing

The chances are slim that you are seriously considering this unsafe practice. But still, we will mention this type of puncture. Just know this is an almost guaranteed pathway to persistent conjunctivitis, blurred vision, and tearing of the eyelids.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.

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