“I’m a black monster”: Chinese who used Malawian children to earn money arrested

A Chinese filmmaker wanted by authorities in Malawi in connection with an investigation into allegations of racism and child exploitation has been arrested in neighboring Zambia.

Lu Ke was unmasked following an investigation by BBC Africa Eye. This investigation revealed that he had used Malawian children to make racist videos.

In disturbing videos he sold online, he paid children to sing and speak in Mandarin. The BBC investigation revealed that Lu Ke was shooting hundreds of videos a day and selling them for up to $70 per video on a Chinese website. The kids who starred in the videos were paid about half a dollar each.

Lu Ke taught the children Mandarin phrases in which they praised the Chinese, made fun of poverty and chanted a racist epithet, saying they are “black freaks” and their “IQ is low


Lu Ke denied making derogatory videos and said he shot his videos with the aim of spreading Chinese culture to the local community.

Malawian police said last week they had launched an investigation but were unable to arrest the Chinese director because he was nowhere to be found.

The spokesperson for the Ministry of Immigration and Citizenship Services, Pasqually Zulu, confirmed that Lu Ke was arrested in the town of Chipata in eastern Zambia.

Mr. Zulu will be returned to Malawi so that the authorities can continue their investigation. Watch Below:

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