“I’m scared”: says the 13-year-old girl that is pregnant in Torreon

A girl of thirteen years became pregnant after being in relationships for the first time with her boyfriend, under fourteen years she met at a high school in Torreon, Coahuila.

During an interview with El Siglo de Torreon, the adolescent explained that everything happened after going to her partner’s house to do a science assignment, and acknowledged that they did not take precautions because they did not plan the intimate meeting: “I met him in the carpentry workshop, we lasted two and a half months and then I got in with him. It was one day that we went to do science homework, their parents were not there. We were with another friend and I, but they talked to her and she had to go and both of us were alone, so we sheltered and what had happened. We do not take care of ourselves because we did not have in mind to do it.”

According to the teenager, who is currently six months pregnant, soon ended with her boyfriend because his family moved from town, so he did not see him again.

However, four months later she began to have abdominal pain, so her mother took her to the doctor and after performing an ultrasound they discovered that she is pregnant and would have a baby.

After hearing the news, the girl said that her first idea was to interrupt the pregnancy, but it was too late: “I wanted to abort, but it could not be done, then my brother talked to me and I accepted it, now I’m happy because my family supports me.”

The mother of the minor said that finding out about her daughter’s pregnancy at such a young age was an unpleasant surprise, so she asked the parents to help them get more involved with their children, talk with them about contraceptive methods and foster an environment of trust.

Also, the mother said that she and her husband, who works as a delivery, will support their daughter to continue studying, but they will also be in charge of buying what the baby needs, which will be born in April of this year.

Illustration of pregnancy test

For now, the girl will return to high school after the holiday season, and in the coming days will attend his third review visit; However, she acknowledged that she has many fears as a first-time mother: “I’m scared, I’m nervous because I do not know if I’m going to feel a lot of pain when I get relief.”

Finally, the teenager sent a message to other little girls of her age to think deep and find out before having sex and to concentrate on their studies: “I would tell other girls to take care of themselves, there are many contraceptives, be careful and keep up in school, it is better to have a career.”

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