In a coma after dangerous alcohol internet challenge

A dangerous Facebook challenge has gone utterly wrong for a person near Charleroi. Those who take up the challenge must drink four glasses of alcohol in one gulp. The individual has been rushed to the hospital and is currently in a coma, report SudPresse newspapers.

Nothing is known about the patient’s identity and gender. He or she accepted the challenge to drink four glasses – shot glasses or otherwise – of alcoholic beverages. Whoever does this may, in turn, nominate someone else who must do the same within 24 hours.

SudPresse writes that the person concerned consumed 1.5 liters of spirits. To achieve this challenge, huge glasses must be used in which 3.75 cl fits. The person drank an unnamed liqueur with an alcoholic strength of 30 ° and then ended up in a critical state.

The person is currently still in a coma at Marie Curie Hospital in Lodelinsart (Charleroi). A hospital spokesperson stresses that such practices are life-threatening. The patient with alcohol poisoning also takes a bed to the intensive care unit, while the corona pandemic is far from over.

In a coma after dangerous alcohol internet challenge
©Facebook – -Images from the facebook video.

Emergency physicians and nurses across the country have been working extremely long days for weeks to keep the Covid-19 patients alive. If on top of that, they also have to treat avoidable cases like alcohol poisoning, the end is far away.

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