In Guinea, 46 died and hundreds injured, according to UFDG

The presidential elections in Guinea were marred by violence, which has reportedly claimed many lives. The opposition denounces “a wave of post-electoral terror”. According to Cellou Dalein Diallo’s UFDG, a bloody crackdown has left at least 46 dead and hundreds injured.

In Guinea, the opposition, particularly the UFDG (Union of Democratic Forces of Guinea), which evokes a “post-electoral wave of repression”, reports at least 46 people killed after the presidential election. The Guinean authorities have not yet confirmed this figure, the latest official death toll being 21.

Conakry was the epicenter of this post-election violence. After the self-proclamation, by Cellou Dalein Diallo, of his victory, the young people had taken all the streets of the city to rejoice, which would have generated clashes with the police. But the ballot would have been officially won by Alpha Condé, with 54% of the vote.

An official for Africa of the NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW), Ida Sawyer, accused, on October 24 on Twitter, the Guinean security forces of having killed “at least 8 people, including 3 children”. For its part, Amnesty International accused the same security forces of firing live ammunition against demonstrators, without giving details of the results.

The UFDG also affirms that “the overwhelming majority of the victims (…) belong to the same ethnic group as the leader of the opposition”, in a country where community affiliations play an important role during elections.

While the Constitutional Court must announce the final results of the presidential election this Saturday, Mamadou Cellou Dalein Diallo, partly isolated, would bet on the “street strategy” return.

“May God gives me the strength and the intelligence to never betray all these people,” he whispered to one of his relatives.

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