In Nigeria, public drivers go naked to avoid arrest from traffics agency

A driver of an Eastern mass transit that allegedly violated a traffic rule by parking in a toll zone near the Aroma junction, have undressed to avoid being arrested by officials from the Anambra Traffic Management Agency.

The driver, who was unable to escape as the manager of the Anambra Traffic Management Agency, rushed to impound his bus. He completely undressed and fought to prevent the traffic police from towing his vehicle.

Here are the photos below;

Similar incident happened in Lagos, after an illegal taxi operator undressed and asked for help from other drivers and bystanders.

According to the head of the Lagos State Trafficking Authority who arrested him for violating the Highway Code, the man had parked at the roundabout near the Ministry of the Environment, ignoring a “no parking” order. The driver of the vehicle parked his car to solicit passengers when the LASTMA manager approached him.

The manager, who was not named, said the driver had seen him, jumped into his car and accelerated, but he (the LASTMA manager) caught up with him shortly before reaching the underground tunnel to Magodo on the right and Lagos-Ibadan Highway on the left. The man was driving a Volkswagen Gulf with license plate KJA 841 BS from Lagos.

Immediately, the driver noticed that he had been stuck in a corner, he jumped out of the car and quickly removed his clothes, starting with his trouser and underpants, then a blue t-shirt. Completely naked, he used the t-shirt to cover his genitals in front, leaving his back exposed.

He approached drivers from all sides, all of whom accelerated, thinking he was a mad man. Passers-by were not spared by his antics when he asked them to help him. While he ran at full speed to try to avoid his arrest, he continued shouting at Yoruba, “I want to die! I prayed all day in vain! Drivers, please crush me! Save me! My child is admitted to the general hospital! I am completely frustrated! Someone gave me this car so that I could pay my debts. Please, deliver me… have pity on me…!”

As the tragedy continued and people gathered, a white SUV arrived and a police official came out to see what was happening. The occupant of the car turned out to be a former police commissioner from Lagos State, Mr. Fatai Owoseni, who intervened on his behalf.

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