Iran wants Washington to account for “cruel” sanctions

Tehran has called on the United States today to account for the “cruel” sanctions that the US has imposed on Iran, which has been severely affected by the coronavirus.

Tehran accuses Washington of exacerbating the health crisis in Iran due to severe US sanctions imposed in 2018 after the US unilaterally denounced the nuclear deal.

The Department of Health announced today that another 90 people have died from Covid-19. The epidemic has already killed 5,481 people in Iran.

“Today, the coronavirus has spread not only in Iran but in almost all countries. Joint action is needed to address this,” said Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi. In addition to fighting the virus, Iran faces illegal and inhuman US sanctions, doubling the pressure on the Iranian people.

“The Iranian people have the right to access their financial resources to fight the disease and to deal with the economic consequences.”

“US’s cruel and unilateral sanctions against Iran are a clear violation of UN Security Council Resolution 2231, so the international community must ask the US to be accountable for this.”

On paper, things like medicines and medical equipment are not subject to the sanctions, but in reality, international banks – regardless of the nature of the products – refuse a transaction involving Iran. In this way, they want to prevent the US from taking measures against their institution.

Incidents in the Persian Gulf

Tensions between Iran and the US have recently flared up after several incidents in the Persian Gulf. According to the United States Navy, ships of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps have approached US naval ships dangerously and intimidatingly.

On Wednesday, US President Donald Trump threatened on Twitter with a crackdown on the Iranian navy. He has ordered the US Navy to target and destroy all Iranian ships that harass US ships.

On Thursday, Tehran responded that prompt and decisive response would follow any US action against Iran. “We announce that we are fully committed and serious in defending our national security, maritime borders, our interests at sea, and the safety of our ships,” said General Hossein Salami, commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

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