Is Africa better than America? Akon has the answer

The American singer Akon is one of the few people who think that Africa is better than America. At a recent summit featuring young Africans, the singer explained why Africa is better than America.

Akon, who was one of the speakers, said America seemed to be the largest continent in the world, because filmmakers, Musicians, and even the press only portray the continent’s positive image. While in Africa, negative stories quickly make headlines and end up being seen globally as the only truth of the continent.

The star urged Africans to unite to tell only the best stories on the continent instead of doing the opposite.

Is Africa better than America? Akon has the answer

He explains that in America, there are probably more murders and shootings, but the press does not report everything. He also noted that filmmakers still protect the negative image of America and choose to sell the positive aspects of the country, including making people believe that it was the continent where dreams come true.

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