Is Aloe vera juice a new miracle cure for glowing skin and flat stomach?

It would be an affordable, natural supplement alternative, give you glowing skin and eliminate a bloated stomach: aloe vera juice. The plant has been used for skin care for years, but more and more people are swearing by drinking it. Does that work?

Aloe vera juice is currently raining praise for the natural remedy on social media. The hashtag #aloeverajuice has been viewed almost 35 million times on the video app TikTok, and the videos made about it are mostly positive, ranging from “no more makeup needed” to “all my acne is gone”.

In another video, which has more than a million likes, a woman says her gut health (read: bowel movements) has “never been better” since she’s had the drink. The plant juice turns out to be an antidote to bloating, which would also give you a flatter stomach.

Already in Antiquity

A smooth face and a flat stomach? Sounds tempting. But is aloe vera juice really a miracle cure or just another hype? “It’s not a new trend,” says dermatologist Ingrid. The aloe vera plant has been used since ancient times. Because the juice contains soothing ingredients, it is often applied to the skin, for example, for burns.

Aloe vera is very suitable for people with sensitive skin, but it can be used for all skin types. It is neither greasy nor comodene (the tendency of a substance or product to clog sebaceous glands, ed.), so you won’t get acne from it. It also helps with redness and irritation.”

Aloe vera is a nice basic ingredient in cosmetics without endocrine disrupting factors. The unprocessed version, straight from the plant, is also fine. In terms of external care, aloe vera certainly has value.

Aloe vera plant
Aloe vera plant

Beautiful from the inside?

But the plant would also positively affect your skin if you drink the juice. “Rather because you get certain vitamins in such a concentrated way,” says the dermatologist. “Aloe vera has a high nutritional value and can be helpful for the supply of essential amino acids. The juice also has an anti-inflammatory effect when you drink it, and we know that inflammation can negatively affect the skin. Plus, aloe vera is sometimes used in orthomolecular medicine: because of the laxative it contains, people with inflammatory bowel syndrome and difficult bowel movements can benefit from it.”

Health coach and herbalist Joan R. confirms that. “Aloe vera stimulates cell renewal in your intestines and also strengthens the mucous layer around your intestinal wall. As a result, it helps with problems such as constipation and leaky gut.”

All on the Aloe Vera?

In short: there is absolutely no harm in drinking this healthy drink. But don’t be sad if you don’t see the same spectacular results as some TikTokkers. Everybody is unique, and the juice will most likely not have the same effects on everyone.

The dermatologist does give an important last tip: “Always check the purity and origin of the aloe vera, even when you apply it.” Opt for aloe vera juice of natural origin: you can find it in some supermarkets and most organic stores. “Or make your own juice from the plant. That costs you less, and you get a lot more out of it,” says herbalist Lily Joan. Take one shot in the morning and one in the evening, like the TikTokkers below, and let the juice do its thing.

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