Is Drake lying about the bad relationship with his father?

Drake (32) and his father, Dennis Graham, are not the best buddies, the Canadian rapper makes no secret in his songs. But the two do actually match, his father says now. Drake continues to deny.

Dennis Graham was recently a guest at radio station Power 106, where Nick Cannon interviewed him. The presenter asked him about the relationship with his son, Drake, who often lashes out at his father in his songs. For example, Drake accused Dennis of being an absent father and alcoholic. But there is nothing to it, Dennis reacted during the interview. “I talked to Drake about that. I’ve always been to Drake. I don’t speak to him like that every day or every other day.”


Dennis also talked with his son about those specific lines, he said. “I said, ‘Drake, why do you say all those different things about me? That’s not funny.’ And he said, ‘Dad, it sells records.’ Okay, well then.” In June, Dennis already told a similar story on the podcast ‘A Waste Of Time’: “I said: ‘Drake, you have to stop this. You know this never happened’. And he answered: “Daddy, listen, just go along with this. Things like this sell records.”

Is Drake lying about the bad relationship with his father?
©Instagram – Drake and his father, Dennis Graham


On his Instagram Stories, Drake now responded to his father’s claims. “I woke up really hurt today,” he wrote. “My father will say anything to anyone who wants to listen. It is sad when family behaves like this, but what do you do about it? You are stuck with it. Every sentence I have ever picked was the truth. And for some people, it is hard to accept.”

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