Jackson: most successful Hollywood actor of the moment with 120 films

Samuel L. Jackson (70) is so humble and to call himself the most successful Hollywood actor of the moment with 120 films that raised a total of 13 billion. The star himself remains rather level-headed. He explains that during interviews for the film ‘Glass’ in London.

“I am not someone who is going to reflect very hard on his own career”, according to the actor. “I much prefer what I’m going to do.” Although the Hollywood star is proud of what he has achieved, as well as the fact. That an independent research recently called him the most influential actor in history. “But those are all things that I have never stopped or thought about. Well, somebody adds that all the films I played in, earned thirteen billion. That is not a goal that I have ever intended. It is not even something that I can control.”

“I have managed to create a place for myself where I can do what I like to do, with the people I like to work with. I enjoy it and I can make others enjoy it a lot.” It took a long time for the actor to become famous in the early nineties, thanks to the films Jungle Fever and Pulp Fiction. “Everything happens for a reason and everything needs time to develop. Give yourself that time: the shortest way is not necessarily the best way. And especially never feel better than other people.”

Too often the superstar notices that colleagues feel better than, for example, the people of the light and sound that are on the set. “No one can only make a film, not even an expensive paid actor. I can never be good at people who are going to hang the star. be nice to others, be humble. Come on time, make sure you know your texts and that people do not have to wait for you.”

He was glad that director M. Night Shyamalan offered him, after 19 years, a role in ‘Glass’, and the opportunity to return as Elijah Price the man with the fragile bones from the thriller ‘Unbreakable’. “I have had a lot of fun with that film,” explains Jackson. “A curse for actors is that you have to say goodbye to someone you’ve started to love after, say, two or three months.”

“I like to take every opportunity to learn more about a character that fascinates me. Or to work with the people with whom I have had a great time.” His hyperintelligent as Elijah Price has been in the establishment for almost twenty years now. “But his mind has not changed,” says Jackson. “He is patient, he is waiting for his moment. He has had a long time to think about what his possible next steps might be.”

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