Jealous Bridegroom beats best man for hugging bride [Video]

Jealous Bridegroom finds it uncomfortable when his best man decided to extend his happiness by hugging the bride. The action was not welcome by the Bridegroom and he hits on his best man and drags him out.

A wedding day is often a day of joy for two lovers who have finally decided to take the bold step and make things official. Well, some men do not support other men to near their wife, irrespective of how closeness you are to them. Some Bridegrooms feel comfortable when best man hugs their brides on such a big occasion.

In a video that is gradually becoming viral on social media, a jealous Bridegroom was seen hitting and dragging out his best man for hugging his wife tightly.

In the video of a few seconds, you could see the jealous Bridegroom angrily hitting the back of his best man several times as he dragged him away from his wife.

Jealous Bridegroom beats best man for hugging the bride [Video]

The bride seems to have enjoyed the “intimate” hug. Some internet users claim that this man is probably the ex-boyfriend and lover of the bride.

Watch the video below…

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