Jeff (47) tired of swiping: “Whoever finds a girlfriend for me gets $25,000”

Jeff Gebhart has ultimately had it with online dating. To the extent that he now offers 25,000 dollars to those who know how to help him find the love of his life. The 47-year-old entrepreneur from Prairie Village (Kansas) had a website built, especially for the occasion.

According to Gebhart, this stunt can turn out to be the perfect investment. “In my group of friends, we often talk about all the money we spend on dating apps. Not to mention the dates themselves, some should never have taken place. The definition of insanity has always continued to do the same and yet expect a different result.”

Gebhart and his comrades worked on the website for six months. There is the possibility to recommend a friend, but interested candidates can also register themselves. They see the financial reward pass by. The selection is made on a scientific basis based on an extensive questionnaire.

“Never married, no children”

“I love my life,” Gebhart praises himself. “I like to be physically active. In the summer I prefer to spend my weekends on the water. New adventures do not scare me: I have run through the streets with wild bulls, have jumped out of a plane several times, and I always do snowboarding in my pink rabbit costume.”

Jeff (47) tired of swiping: “Whoever finds a girlfriend for me gets $25,000”
Jeff Gebhart

“I have already had several long relationships, but I have never been engaged or married. I don’t have any children. ”

Real Estate

“In the past few years, I have established and sold a few companies, with the necessary financial success as a result,” Gebhart continues. “Real estate is my passion. Selling houses is very nice, but my real pleasure comes from the renovations.”

“Health and fitness are very important to me. As a child, I was a fat boy, but now I am proud of my six-pack. Actually, I’m just a happy guy with a great life,” he boasted. “I am not looking for a partner to make me ‘complete’, we are supposed to complement each other.”

“My future must be fun, have self-confidence and also share the same interests. She can’t take herself too seriously, and she needs to get along well with my dog Gunner,” he sounds.

Extra five

Anyone who wants to link to Gebhart can take a chance on the 25,000 dollar car. Please note: the amount will be distributed in five installments. Each year that the relationship lasts, Gebhart will pay an additional $5,000. “I have already received a lot of proposals, but in 60 percent of the cases, it is ladies who register themselves,” the entrepreneur concludes. If the concept works, he also promises to deposit another $25,000 into the account of a dog shelter.

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