Jennifer Lopez teaches pole dancing for ‘Hustlers’: “I’ve never had so many bruises”

She is already 50 now, but when you see Jennifer Lopez at work, you would definitely not say so. The actress and singer will soon be featured in the film ‘Hustlers’, in which she plays a stripper who, together with some colleagues, decides to rob their customers. That means a few clothes and pole dancing. In a video on YouTube, J.LO shows how she tried to master that sport.

Jennifer Lopez can dance a bit, but pole dancing has never been done before, so she gets private lessons to prepare for her role in ‘Hustlers’. A pole was installed in her dining room. It appears to be hard to dance in little outfits and high heels.

“This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done,” sighs J.LO, inspecting her legs. They are full of bruises. “I’ve done a lot of stunts for movies, but I’ve never had so many bruises,” she says.

The intensive training sessions have paid off if we can believe the images. After weeks of practice, the actress manages to bring the recordings – in a silver-colored suit with string and towering heels – to a successful conclusion.

The result is waiting until October 16, when ‘Hustlers’ can be seen in the halls.

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