Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have had a couple tattoo set

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner make each other’s sentences. At least, if we can believe their brand-new tattoos.

The fiancĂ© couple went together to the tattoo shop for their latest body decoration. They opted for a sentence from the Toy Story films. Joe had the text ‘To Infinity’ recorded on the inside of his forearm, while Sophie had the words ‘And Beyond’ tattooed at the same spot.

It is not the first time that the two coordinate their tattoos. Earlier this summer they both had a tattoo set for their grandfathers. Joe also has a tattoo of a red-haired woman and according to many fans that Sophie’s character from ‘Game Of Thrones’, Sansa Stark, suggest. Later, Sophie immortalized the same woman, but seen from a different perspective, on her thigh.

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