Juan Jose Padilla: bullfighter that survived two brutal gores

The bullfighter can tell his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren that he survived two mortal gores. Juan Jose Padilla, also known as El Ciclon de Jerez, is one of the most recognized Spanish bullfighters of the last period in Spain and Mexico. As his particular style to carry out bullfighting has earned him recognition in the squares of Bulls.

The life of this bullfighter is very similar to that of all those who enter the ring. Because they know that the risk of getting hurt. And even dead is latent because facing an animal of 300 kilos. And whose strength is uncontrollable is a challenge.

However, the case of Juan Jose Padilla is different because he experienced two dramatic moments in the arena. That was nothing to cost him his life: one in July last year that happened in Arévalo where the bull tore part of the scalp. And then another one in 2011 occurred in Zaragoza that cost him to lose his left eye.

Return to Bullfight

Since then the Ciclon de Jerez earned the nickname of El Pirata, because with everything and that of a serious wound. Six months after that, macabre Ciclon returned to the ring with a thirst for revenge. When he managed to recover his confidence and keep his talent in the squares of all Spain, the Ciclon de Jerez remained in the public’s taste until 2017 when rumors began to emerge about his retirement.


After 25 years of experience, at the end of last year, he mentioned that the 2018 season is going to be the last in his career as a bullfighter. Because he assured that his cycle had to finish with dignity.

Juan Jose Padilla: bullfighter that survived two brutal gores

He said, “I have made the most important decision of my career, and there is no turning back. I feel that I could not stretch the rope anymore or continue to tempt fate. When I finished in 2018, I’m going away from bullfighting. And I’m leaving with the satisfaction of having given everything for the bull. And for my profession”.

This weekend in the Plaza de Zaragoza, a place where he lost his left eye. Padilla made his farewell run in which he thanked all the good and bad that happened in his career with the capote.

His message

“It is an important day for me, very emotional moments, and it has been an exciting season. I received more than I imagined. In the square where it seemed that everything was over, my withdrawal is in my mind. Here I have achieved so much honor and so much glory. My obligation, within my identity, could not seem to be dismissing me but winning every contract.”

The Cyclone of Jerez was applauded by the public that at all times paid tribute to him.

Juan Jose Padilla: bullfighter that survived two brutal gores

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