Justin Bieber donates $250,000 to fans who are struggling

Justin Bieber (26) shows his most generous side. To celebrate the success of his new single ‘Holy’, he hands out $250,000 to fans in financial difficulties.

Together with Chance the Rapper (27), Bieber currently scores a big hit with ‘Holy’. To thank their fans for that success, they have set up a fundraising campaign. With this, they want to support those who, among other things, have difficulty making ends meet due to the corona crisis.

“Thanks for the love on ‘Holy’”, Bieber shared on Instagram on Thursday night. “Chance the rapper, and I are partnering with Cash App to give away a total of $250k today to those affected by these hard times. Tell us your story if you feel like sharing.”

Numerous fans have now shared their story and were rewarded with a sum of money. For example, a certain Katy shared on Instagram that she received 500 dollars after telling them that her house had been damaged by a storm. “You have no idea how much this will help us. I can’t thank you enough,” she wrote on Instagram.

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