Kalaloch Tree of Life: the symbol of life and rebirth

The incredible Tree of Life is found on Kalaloh Beach in Olympic National Park in Washington state. It is a remarkable monument to resilience, regarded as a breathtaking illustration of an insatiable will to live.

The strength of Kalaloch’s Tree of Life is admirable as its life hangs in the balance due to soil erosion. This tree risks dying all the time, but despite this, it continues to resist, well anchored to a strip of land. A fascinating behavior, almost magical, and they think they have in front of an immortal tree.

The amazing endurance and strength

Surprisingly, the tree produces new shoots and leaves; despite its anchorage, leaves are absolutely not firm on the ground. Despite everything, the tree has stood upright for years and continues to survive against all odds.

But what is the reason for this erosion? Simple, the thing responsible is a small stream. Below the tree of life, a trickle of water flows into the Pacific Ocean, and in its slow flow, it has slowly eroded the soil, exposing the roots. Not only does the small trickle contribute to erosion, but the downpours play an important role. When it rains, especially in the case of heavy rains, the downpours of water hit its fronds, still removing land. In all likelihood, the roots are not only the visible ones but also extend inside the wall, well hidden from life.

The Kalaloch Tree of Life is a Sitka-type spruce. It has different nicknames but does not have an official name. Given the particularity of this fir, the population has nicknamed it Tree of Life, but it is not the only affectionate nickname. Since the roots form a cave-like cavity, it is nicknamed a cave tree. Finally, given its precarious condition, it is also called the Tree on the Run.

The resistance of the tree hovering above the cave is a lesson. The tree of Life has survived for decades; attached to the wall, it pushes itself to resist, clinging to life without ever giving up hope in the future.

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