Life is not balanced: Guinness family with tragic accident history

The Guinness family may have amassed wealth from their successful breweries, but luck is not always on their side. The family suffered another sad death this summer. Their 19-year-old daughter, Honor Uloth, was killed in an unclear accident at a summer barbecue.

As guests poured into the nearly $40 million mansions in Sussex, UK, on July 31, no one was aware of the tragic outcome the summer party would take. Four families gathered for a barbecue. The ice buckets of wine and beer scattered between the tennis courts, pool, and hot tub made it clear that the families were looking forward to an unforgettable evening.

Those present had known each other for a long time, and the barbecues were a fixture in their summers. Even that warm evening, it was, as always, a garden party full of music and fun. 19-year-old Honor Uloth had a good time there, just like the others, although she ignored the richly flowing alcohol. She chose to lie in the hot tub with two of her best friends until she decided to swim a few laps by herself around 11 p.m.

What exactly happened then is still unclear. Shortly after leaving her friends, Uloth was found unconscious at the pool’s bottom by her 15-year-old brother. He screamed for help and ducked into the pool to take her to the side.

Some family members tried to resuscitate her while an ambulance was called. Uloth was rushed to the hospital, where a broken shoulder and a brain injury were diagnosed. The doctors tried to keep her alive there, but six days later, the welcome art student died.

Tragic accident

The police started an investigation, but none of those present had seen or heard anything. A few months later, it is still unclear what exactly happened. According to one of the police theories, Uloth would have dived off one of the rocks into the water and hit her head. Another theory is that she slipped or hit bottom too hard while diving. The corpse this week ruled that it was “a tragic accident” anyway.

The family is now trying to get on with life without knowing exactly what happened. She was “the angel of the family,” her parents told in an emotional tribute yesterday, “and she had a heart of gold.” “We have lost a daughter and sister who brought untold light and joy to our lives. She was so full of fun, kindness, and adventure. She had the gift of bringing people closer together and making them feel good.”

Doomed history

The teenager was a member of the wealthy family behind the Guinness brewery. The capital is estimated at more than 1,000 million euros. Still, money doesn’t make you happy, as the descendants have often found out. The teen’s death this summer is yet another tragedy the family has already had to endure.

Arthur Guinness started the successful brewery in 1759 but was less fortunate in his private life. The Irishman had 21 children but lost 10 at a young age. Happiness was doomed with his grandchildren too.

Several descendants became alcoholics, fell into poverty, or died tragically. Offspring Lord Moyne, British Minister for Middle East Affairs, was killed by a terrorist group, and Lady Oranmore committed suicide, ignoring a red traffic light at high speed. Lady Henrietta Guinness jumped off a bridge in Umbria, Italy, in 1978 after never fully recovered from a serious car accident. Four-year-old Peter Guinness died in a car accident that same year.

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