Kanye sends series of disturbing tweets: “If I am murdered…”

Things seem to be going from bad to worse with Kanye West’s mental state. The rapper again sent a series of worrying tweets into the world on Friday night, in which he addressed, among other things, daughter North (7). “If I am murdered don’t ever let white media tell you I wasn’t a good man,” he said.

Kanye West’s Twitter account was temporarily suspended a few days ago after sharing the contact details of a journalist from Forbes business magazine – “call this white supremacist” – but his timeout has apparently come to an end. “Ha ha, I’ve got my Twitter back,” he said last night, in capital letters as usual. What followed was a new series of incoherent tweets that raised eyebrows once again. The message he addressed to his daughter North was especially alarming.

Kanye’s tweet to daughter North was later deleted.
©Twitter – Kanye’s tweet to daughter North was later deleted.

“Northy I am going to war and putting my life on the line, and if I am murdered, don’t ever let white media tell you I wasn’t a good man… When people threaten to take you out of my life, just know I love you.” Moments later: “A credo for all warriors: we fight in the name of Jesus to protect our children at all costs. We don’t fear death, we don’t fear humiliation, we don’t fear bankruptcy. We only fear God. ”

The tweet addressed to North was later removed, but seems to provide some insight into Kanye’s current family situation. He is said to have been hiding in his ranch in Wyoming for months while his wife Kim Kardashian is staying in LA with their four children. She wouldn’t be keen to show him their offspring until his bipolar disorder is back under control.

Slave ship

The war he’s talking about is believed to be the fight Kanye started against the music industry early this week. He posted a video in which he peed over one of his Grammy statues and vowed not to make any more music until he got his own masters back in his hands.

After all, Kanye, like many artists, does not own the rights to his own music: in many cases, they remain the property of the record company where they signed their contract. In some cases, they will be allowed to redeem them when their contract expires, but they can also be resold to a third party.

The ‘masters’ – the rights to the original recordings – are in the case of Kanye at Sony and Universal and are probably worth a few hundred million dollars.

Kanye is furious about that turn of events and now refuses to release his album – which normally should be released in June. “The music industry is like a modern slave ship, and I am the new Moses,” he said in an interview. “We’ve gotten used to not getting what we deserve. But I refuse to accept that any longer.”

‘Last night he also turned against the industry. Culture is man’s most powerful force under God. We need to bring the entire music industry into the 21st century. We need to make every record deal transparent, as well as all tour and merchandise deals. Except Drake’s. Just kidding: I love Drake too, all artists have to be free.’

Taylor Swift

Remarkably, his current battle brings him closer to the ‘nemesis’ of Taylor Swift. The relationship between the two has turned very sour since Kanye interrupted her thank-you speech at the VMAs in 2009 to announce that he felt Beyoncé should have won. According to him, a commission from God. “If God hadn’t wanted me to run onstage, He wouldn’t have put me in the front row. Then I would have been sitting at the back of the hall,” it sounded at the beginning of September.

Nevertheless, he now takes her side. After all, Taylor also wants to regain her hands on her masters, worth $250 million. Her former record company sold it last year to Scooter Braun, a man Taylor absolutely doesn’t get along with. Kanye now wants to help her on her quest: “I’m going to personally see to it that Taylor Swift gets her masters back. Scooter is a close family friend.”


Bipolar disorder

The behavior of Kanye, who suffers from bipolar disorder, can safely be called bizarre in recent months. For example, he burst into tears in July during his first campaign rally. “I almost killed my own daughter!” He shouted, among other things. He was referring to the fact that during the first pregnancy of Kim Kardashian, then not yet his wife but his girlfriend, he insisted on an abortion. “She already had the pills in her hand until God turned to me and said if I f*ck his vision, he will do mine too. It was Kim who said to me: ‘this is a soul’.”

Despite Kim’s frantic attempts to help her husband, the rapper refuses all help. He currently resides at his ranch in Wyoming, where he would also plan to expand his estate, while Kim is in LA with their children. He also lashed out at her famous family on Twitter several times, naming his mother-in-law Kris Jong-Un, after the North Korean dictator.

Kim herself reacted to her husband’s strange behavior in July. “As many of you already know, Kanye has bipolar disorder,” it said on Instagram.

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