Kanye West annoyed: ‘He initiated the divorce’

In February, it became known that Kim Kardashian (40) had filed for divorce from Kanye West (43). So it was at the initiative of the reality star, but according to the rapper’s camp, that is not the case.

Sources tell Page Six that Kanye is “annoyed” by reports that Kim initiated their divorce. “He’s upset that it now seems like she’s divorcing him,” it sounds like. “But really, he’s been sitting around for a year saying that they have nothing in common outside of their kids and that he wants to end it. She has done everything in the world to try and save their marriage. He just made her file the papers first to give her some dignity.”

It had been clear for some time that the cake had been taken between the reality star and the rapper. According to many sources, kanye’s attempt to run for president – and the outbursts that accompanied it – was the last straw for Kim. But Kanye was also happy to see the end of his marriage: “He’s been tired of being associated with the Kardashians for a long time,” a source told Page Six. “Especially with her mother, who plays a big part in all the decisions Kim makes.”

At least the rapper isn’t wasting his time analyzing what went wrong. According to several sources, Kanye is already thinking about a new love. That has to be an artist, it was said. “Someone creative, who speaks the same language as himself.”

Fresh single Kim Kardashian

Since Kim Kardashian announced that she would divorce rapper Kanye West, she has had no shortage of male attention. But the reality star doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to embark on a new love.

It seems Kim Kardashian has become the world’s most desirable bachelor since her breakup with Kanye West. Potential candidates from all over the world are trying to get a date with the reality star

A source told Page Six: “People are trying to make contact through mutual friends and people she has worked with. This ranges from royal family members to A-list actors, athletes, and wealthy CEOs.” Who the bachelors are who are taking their chances, the source does not say. However, it is made clear that Kim is not at all keen on all the attention. “She’s not looking at the moment. She doesn’t want to start something in a hurry but is keeping all options open.”


Ex-husband Kanye West previously revealed that he would prefer to start something with an artist now, but for Kim, it clearly doesn’t matter. “What she wants most is someone who values family, who supports her, who is funny and romantic, can enjoy the simple things in life, but also works hard. Someone who puts family first, since she is a mother of four.”

Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian
©NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal – Chrissy Teigen and Kim Kardashian

And she also knows very well what she doesn’t want: “She definitely doesn’t want someone who is only with her for the celebrity. She wants someone who values privacy. So, for now, no one meets those requirements.

Forever and ever

Close friend Chrissy Teigen, meanwhile, told ‘Watch What Happens Live’ that Kim is doing well, by all accounts. “Kim’s doing well,” she echoed. “I know she’s given her all in this relationship. It’s such a shame that it didn’t work out because I thought they were going to be together forever. I really did. But I know she gave it her all.”

Between her husband John Legend and Kanye – who were once close friends after all – things are not going so well anymore, Chrissy said. “I have much more contact with Kim than John and Kanye. But anyone who knows Kanye knows that he sometimes disappears off the face of the earth, and it’s very difficult to get in touch with him,” she added, laughing.

Meghan Markle

In the interview, Chrissy also talked about Meghan Markle. The two women have a lot in common: Meghan suffered a miscarriage last summer, and Chrissy also lost her baby son Jack last year. “She’s so kind to me,” Chrissy said.

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