Karina Irby shows how her body completely changes in 5 hours

The Australian bikini model Karina Irby (29) has once again made a strong impression with her more than 1 million Instagram fans. “5 hours transformation,” she titled her post. Who sees her in two photos with a totally different body at first sight.

Karina Irby, who has her own brand Moana Bikini, put two images of herself next to each other on Instagram, taken five hours apart. The Gold Coast bikini model writes that she looked “to eat” at the beginning of the evening and at the end as someone who is “six months pregnant”.

On her statement, she explained to have spent more than three hours in the car wearing figure-correcting underpants, drinking too many bottles of water because she was hungry, and then overeating Japanese food because she was starving herself by accident. The before-and-after difference is clearly visible. About an hour after Karina Irby got home, she was relaxed and had played those tight clothes, her belly was back to normal. “It’s crazy how a body works,” she posted on Instagram.

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Karina Irby has more problems with a ‘bloated feeling’. She wanted to remind her post in a “funny” way that you should not be too hard on yourself if that happens. “Everyone is different, so don’t judge the reactions of your own body against someone else’s.”

Last year in May, Irby found out that in a few years, she had gone from 54 to 64 kilograms. “I wish I had done it before”, it sounded then. She had never felt better in her skin even before that she had already taken a closer look at the unrealistic images of photo-shopped girls with two search-for-the-ten-differences-photos of herself. “I just want to inspire you to see yourself and not compare you to all those unrealistic images that you see online. Don’t take social media too seriously,” was her wise advice.

Karina Irby shows how her body completely changes in 5 hours
©Instagram – The photos of Karina Irby, before and after her three-hour ride in the car.

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