Kim Kardashian’s costume problem that paralyzed everyone

Accustomed to attract attention, television star Kim Kardashian paraded through the red carpet in New York with her husband Kanye West. Where a flaw in his wardrobe made almost an intimate part of his body to be seen.

It happened during the Broadway debut of singer Cher’s musical, of whom she is a great admirer. Kim arrived with a silver dress that accentuated her famous curves. But the fabric could not support her frontal attributes.

The outfit of the star of the reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians had no neckline or sleeves. So, in a carelessness showed much of the side of a breast before the flashes of photographers.

Kim was caught trying to keep her composure and adjusting her clothes as she entered the theatre, confirming that she did not wear an intimate garment to take care of her breasts. In a situation like the one that occurred.

The uncomfortable moment made an impact to those present. Although they are already used to seeing a lot of Kim Kardashian’s skin. He recently published an image where his long hair was the only thing that covered her chest. In a photo shoot for an advertising campaign of his beauty line.

Kanye West caused controversy

The passage of the West-Kardashian was not scandalous only for Kim, since her husband, the rapper Kanye was stoned in criticism after a Broadway actor, Jarrod Spector, showed him on Twitter when he wrote: “Hey @kanyewest, it’s great that you’re here at @TheCherShow, but if you look up your cell phone, you can see how the show is, it’s opening night, it’s something important to us, thank you very much.”

Later, Kim Kardashian’s husband responded without mentioning the actor: “The dynamics of Cher and Sonny’s relationship made Kim and I hold hands and sing “I got you babe”, please excuse my lack of label”.

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